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Eco-products Directory 2009

©APO 2009, ISBN: 92-833-7077-5



The Eco-products Directory is a groundbreaking APO publication that promotes the concept and practice of environmentally responsible purchasing among enterprises and consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Release of the four editions published thus far has coincided with the annual Eco-products International Fairs, and they have been circulated in Asia and beyond at various international events. For example, the Eco-products Directory 2008, the previous edition, was on display at the Environmental Showcase in the International Media Center of the G8 summit held in Hokkaido, Japan, 7-9 July 2008. It was also distributed to delegates to the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

The fifth edition of the Eco-products Directory is being released in conjunction with the opening of the Eco-products International Fair 2009 in Manila, the Philippines, in March. The compilers aimed to make the latest edition even easier to use and understand. For example, a classified index of goods and services has been added. The descriptions of eco-products that have obtained environmental certification are illustrated with the relevant labels in the listings.

Several world leaders have spoken of their intention to ignite national economic activity by prioritizing public investment for improved energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy. Of the more than 800 products and services listed in the Eco-products Directory 2009, more than 450 are categorized as energy saving, more than 400 as effective in preventing global warming, and around 350 as helping to reduce the consumption of resources. The number of products and services listed and the percentage of providers in countries other than Japan were the highest since this publication started in 2004. I hope that this publication will contribute to an appreciation and expansion of eco-product and -service markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our sincere thanks go to Professor Ryoichi Yamamoto, Chairperson of the Committee on the Eco-products Database, and all members of the working group for their dedicated leadership and efforts that made this publication possible.

Shigeo Takenaka, Secretary-General
Tokyo, January 2009

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Dear Readers
The green new deal
Products listed in the Eco-products Directory 2009
Properties of listed goods and services during 2004-2009
Understanding of eco-products
Products data display in the Eco-products Directory 2009
1. Metals
2. Polymers
3. Natural materials
4. Foam
5. Ceramics and glass
6. Composites
7. Others
1. Construction components
2. Electrical and electronic components
3. Semiconductor-related devices and components
4. Machine parts
5. Automobile parts
6. Packaging
7. Others
1. Home electric appliances/lighting
2. Carriers/automobiles
3. OA/IT equipment
4. Office supplies/furniture
5. Apparel/textiles
6. Household goods and equipment
7. Building and civil engineering
8. Machines and equipment
9. Others
1. Product-related services
2. Reuse and recycling services
3. Outsourcing services
4. Management-related services
5. Others
  Classified index of goods and services
Company list
Members list
PR space for environmental programs

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