Research & Planning Department

The Research and Planning (R&P) Department is the think tank unit and, along with the Agriculture and Industry Departments of the Secretariat, serves as a regional advisory body within the APO. It undertakes research on productivity data to draw up effective pro-growth economic policies based on accurate measurement of economic performance and productivity trends. Studies on emerging concepts, trends, and productivity-related tools and techniques are carried out to assist members to remain updated on key information. Under the framework of the APO's Center of Excellence (COE), the R&P Department assists members to develop and strengthen their core area of competency. The R&P Department is also tasked with program planning.

Research: Productivity Measurement

The APO has conducted productivity measurement projects jointly with the Keio Economic Observatory, Keio University, Tokyo, since 2007. The projects have developed a harmonized productivity measurement methodology reflecting Asian economic realities while ensuring consistency with international statistical standards. The main outputs are an authoritative productivity database (PDB) covering APO members and selected reference economies, which allows comparative analysis of the productivity and economic growth, and the annual APO Productivity Databook. The APO has also conducted joint statistical surveys and dispatched technical assistance missions on total factor productivity to individual members. Through these activities, the productivity measurement methodology developed by the APO has been utilized by the member. Click here to know more about Productivity Measurement.

Study of New and Emerging Topics

To ensure that APO members keep abreast the latest productivity concepts and trends, the R&P Department continuously investigates new and emerging issues and studies strategies to address them, including service-sector productivity, SME development, innovation, and knowledge management.

Center of Excellence (COE)

The goal of the APO's COE initiative is to enhance an NPO's unique strength and expertise in a specific area such as business excellence (BE), enabling it to reach a world-class standard from which it can serve as a vehicle to lead the development of similar capabilities of NPOs in other APO members. The Secretariat is currently initiating a pilot COE project to facilitate learning and sharing of best practices, developing a database, conducting research, and dispatching experts on the subject of BE. The host organization for this project is SPRING Singapore.
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Program Planning

The R&P Department is in charge of APO program planning including formulating the two-year plans presented for budget appropriation, conducting need assessment surveys, and evaluating projects.