APO Symbols

Official Logo
The APO’s scope of support for its members covers both industry and agriculture, the two most important production sectors of member economies. The official logo of the APO is a montage of two icons: a gear, typically used to depict industry; and grains on stalks, representing agriculture. The abbreviation APO appears at the base, denoting the APO’s role as the connecting entity.

50th Anniversary Logo
The APO golden jubilee logo was created as an identifying mark to commemorate the APO’s 50 years of existence. It was mainly used in 2011 for APO publications and information materials.

The APO Flower
At the International Productivity Conference held in Singapore in October 2001, the Government of Singapore honored the APO on its 40th anniversary by naming a new hybrid orchid after the organization, the Stamariaara APO. It was specially selected for its resilience and flowering ability, much like the organization it was named after. An orange-red hybrid, a shade close to the APO’s corporate color, the Stamariaara APO is a short bloomer, hardy, free-flowering all year round, easy to grow, and with uniform flowers each measuring 5.6 cm across.
The name Stamariaara APO was registered with the International Registration Authority for Orchid Hybrids of the Royal Horticultural Society in England.

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