APO alumni can play an important role in generating multiplier effects in national and regional productivity networks. By sharing and disseminating productivity know-how and improving productivity skills and competencies in their workplaces after attending APO projects, alumni are strategically important in broadening the productivity movement in member countries.
Currently, 11 members (Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Indonesia, IR Iran, ROK, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) have APO alumni bodies. They share similar objectives, interests, and concerns that are closely related to their countries’ national productivity and competitiveness enhancement agenda. However, the structure, scope of activities, operation, and management methods of each differ. This is the result of situational differences, such as the main parties involved and differing limitations in organizational capacity and available resources.
APO activities also lead to the creation of international groups that support the productivity movement such as the Asia Pacific Association of Educators in Agriculture and Environment (APEAEN) which was born from a 1997 APO project. It provides a possible avenue for expanding APO alumni activities beyond national borders.

List of Active APO Alumni Bodies

Member Country Organization Name Year Established
Bangladesh APO Society for Bangladesh 1991
Fiji APO Alumni Fiji 2012
India APO Alumni Association of India (AAAI) 2008
Indonesia Indonesia Productivity Professionals Association (IPPA) 2007
Islamic Republic of Iran Iran Productivity Development Association (IPDA) 2005
Republic of Korea APO Alumni Association of Korea 2009
Pakistan Productivity Association of Pakistan 2009
Philippines APO Grantee’s Forum 2000
Singapore Singapore Productivity Association (SPA) 1973
Sri Lanka Productivity Association of Sri Lanka (PASL) 2008
Thailand APO Society of Thailand 2001

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