Annual Programs

The APO Annual Program is the lineup of multicountry and individual-country projects approved by the Governing Body to be implemented by the APO in coordination with NPOs for any given year. The projects are generated and prioritized in coordination with NPOs, and funding is provided through membership contributions and special grants. The APO also cooperates with other international organizations in implementing some of these projects.

Annual Programs

Project Title Project Code Venue Start Date End Date Nomination

National Productivity Organization

Workshop on Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth through Fair Distribution of Productivity Gains 14-IN-27-GE-WSP-B Indonesia 11/10/14 11/14/14 10/14/14
Study Mission to a Nonmember Country on Business and Service Models of NPOs 14-RP-41-GE-SMN-A USA 12/02/14 12/04/14 10/10/14
Training Course on Development of Productivity Practitioners: Advanced Program (DPP: Advanced) 14-IN-31-GE-TRC-A Malaysia 11/10/14 11/28/14 09/26/14
Research on Productivity Analysis for NPOs 14-RP-02-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 12/01/14 11/30/15 09/24/14
Top Management Forum: Corporate Strategies for Global Management and Competitiveness for SMEs 14-IN-90-GE-CON-A ROK 11/25/14 11/27/14 09/19/14
Strategic Planning Workshop for APO Liaison Officers 14-RP-16-GE-LOM-A Japan 08/27/14 08/29/14 06/30/14
Training Course on Development of Productivity Practitioners: Basic Program (DPP: Basic) 14-IN-30-GE-TRC-B Philippines 06/09/14 07/04/14 04/30/14
Strengthening of National Productivity Organizations Assistance Program 13-RP-20-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 04/01/14 03/31/15 03/15/14
Workshop on Development of Junior Productivity Practitioners with Institutes of Technology 13-RP-09-GE-WSP-B ROC 05/13/14 05/16/14 02/26/14
Workshop for NPOs on Best Practices in Productivity Promotion 13-RP-18-GE-WSP-A ROK 03/04/14 03/07/14 01/10/14
Research for APO Productivity Databook 13-RP-01-GE-RES-A/C APO Secretariat 10/01/13 09/30/14 10/31/13
Research on Need Assessment of Member Countries 13-RP-06-GE-RES-A APO Secretariat 09/01/13 08/31/14 08/26/13
Self-learning e-Course on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Increasing Farm Productivity, Safe Sustainable Production, and Market Access 14-AG-23-GE-TRC-A (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 12/01/14 04/30/15 --
Development of the Center of Excellence 13-RP-16-GE-DON-C (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 10/01/14 03/31/15 --
Self-learning e-Course on Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) 14-IN-06-GE-TRC-A (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 11/03/14 02/03/15 --
Basic Training of Consultants and Trainers ini Modern Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) for SMEs 12-AG-33-LD-DON-CAM (DEM-1) (Project Implementation Plan) Cambodia 07/28/14 09/16/14 --
Self-learning e-Course on Food Safety Management 13-AG-23-GE-TRC-A Member countries 11/01/13 03/28/14 --
Special Program for Strengthening Capacity for Food Supply Chain Management in the Asian Least Developed Countries (Fifth year) 13-AG-33-LD-DON-C Cambodia, Lao PDR 11/01/13 10/31/14 --
Demonstratioin Company Project on HACCP: Phase II 13-AG-33-LD-DON-C-LAO (DEM-1) (Project Implementation Plan) Lao PDR 07/01/14 11/30/14 --
Self-learning e-Course on Material Flow Cost Accounting (ISO 14051) 13-IN-06-GE-TRC-A (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 11/14/13 03/14/14 --
Member Country Support Program (2nd year of two-year project cycle) 13-IN-91-GE-DON-C Member countries 05/01/13 05/31/14 --
Development of the APO Certification System 13-IN-96-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 06/01/14 11/30/14 --
Self-learning e-Course for the Agriculture Sector 14-AG-23-GE-TRC-A Member countries Throughout 2014 12/31/14 --
Special Program for Strengthening Agricultural Partnership with ASEAN LDCs (SPS APA LDCs) 14-AG-29-LD-DON-C APO Secretariat To be decided To be decided --
Self-learning e-Course for the Industry and Service Sectors 14-IN-06-GE-TRC-A Member countries Throughout 2014 -- --
Self-learning e-Course on Green Productivity and the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) 14-IN-06-GE-TRC-A (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 06/30/14 09/30/14 --
Self-learning e-Course on Energy Efficiency and the Energy Management System (ISO 50001) 14-IN-06-GE-TRC-A (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 08/01/14 10/31/14 --
Institutional Strengthening of National Productivity Organizations through the Development of Productivity Practitioners 14-IN-92-GE-DON-C Member countries 01/01/14 12/31/14 --
Research for APO Productivity Databook 14-RP-01-GE-RES-A/C APO Secretariat -- -- --
Development of Center of Excellence 14-RP-12-GE-DON-C Member countries -- -- --
Development of Center of Excellence: Expert Panel Meeting on the Development of the Green Productivity Excellence Awards Framework 14-RP-12-GE-DON-C (Project Implementation Plan) ROC 10/01/14 10/03/14 --
Impact Evaluation Study 14-RP-14-GE-IMP-A APO Secretariat 05/01/14 10/31/14 --


Research on Benchmarking Indexes for SMEs (Logistics Sector—Warehousing Subsector) 14-RP-15-GE-RES-B Member countries 12/15/14 12/14/15 12/15/14
Workshop on Entrepreneurship Promotion and Partnership 14-RP-03-GE-WSP-A Lao PDR 12/15/14 12/18/14 10/17/14
APO International Productivity Showcase and Best Practice Networking Forum on SMEs 14-IN-95-GE-CON-A Sri Lanka 12/15/14 12/17/14 10/10/14
Workshop on Integrating Small Farmers into Regional and Global Value Chains through Contract Farming 14-AG-31-GE-WSP-B Vietnam 11/03/14 11/07/14 10/10/14
Workshop on Financial Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Agribusiness 14-AG-01-GE-WSP-B Fiji 11/24/14 11/28/14 09/26/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on SME Development 14-IN-44-GE-OSM-B ROC 09/29/14 10/03/14 08/01/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in SMEs 13-IN-81-GE-OSM-B Malaysia 09/15/14 09/19/14 07/31/14
Training Course on Development of Homestay and Agrotourism Programs 14-AG-24-GE-TRC-B/C Malaysia 09/21/14 09/27/14 07/22/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Resilient SME Networks in the Asia-Pacific 14-IN-93-GE-OSM-B ROC 10/06/14 10/10/14 07/01/14
Training of Trainers in Total Quality Management for SMEs 14-IN-36-GE-TRC-B Indonesia 08/25/14 08/29/14 06/25/14
Training Course on Industrial Engineering Techniques in SMEs 14-IN-73-GE-TRC-B ROC 08/11/14 08/15/14 06/25/14
Workshop on Advanced Agribusiness Management 14-AG-09-GE-WSP-B Thailand 07/21/14 07/25/14 06/20/14
Training Course on Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs 14-IN-37-GE-TRC-B ROK 07/15/14 07/18/14 05/12/14
Workshop on SME Best Practices in Service Excellence 14-IN-12-GE-WSP-B Thailand 05/19/14 05/23/14 04/04/14
Research on Benchmarking Indexes for SMEs (Food Manufacturing Sector) 13-RP-17-GE-RES-B Member countries 12/01/13 11/30/14 03/14/14
Workshop on Development of Cold Chain System for Perishable Agrifood Products 12-AG-16-GE-WSP-B India 03/24/14 03/28/14 02/07/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Regional Business Partnership among Farmers, Food-processing SMEs, and Research Institutes 13-AG-02-GE/DC-OSM-B Japan 02/24/14 02/28/14 12/25/13
National Workshop on Planning and Management of Ecotourism in Lao PDR 11-AG-02-GE-TRC-B/C-LAO (Project Implementation Plan) Lao PDR 04/21/14 04/24/14 --
National Conference on Development and Promotion of the Agritourism Education and Industry in Sri Lanka 12-AG-02-GE-TRC-B/C-SLK (Project Implementation Plan) Sri Lanka 02/17/14 02/18/14 --
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Export Promotion and Market Access for Agriculture and Food Products in Major Global Markets 14-AG-07-GE-OSM-B India To be decided To be decided --


Workshop on Innovative Extension Services to Improve Agricultural Productivity 14-AG-30-GE-WSP-B Philippines 11/17/14 11/21/14 10/20/14
Workshop on Sharing of Success Stories and Best Practices of Human-centered Productivity: Development of Productivity-friendly Culture in Organizations (for Top Management) 14-IN-26-GE-WSP-B IR Iran 12/06/14 12/10/14 10/14/14
Workshop on Productivity Measurement and Management for the Banking Sector 14-IN-96-GE-WSP-A India 11/24/14 11/28/14 09/30/14
Workshop on Impact of Changing Demographics on Productivity 14-RP-08-GE-WSP-B Singapore 11/25/14 11/28/14 09/30/14
Workshop on Emerging Food Manufacturing Technologies for SME 14-AG-12-GE-WSP-B Singapore 11/24/14 11/27/14 09/26/14
Workshop on Performance Management and Measurement of Productivity in Public-sector and Service-sector 14-IN-71-GE-WSP-B India 10/13/14 10/17/14 08/29/14
Workshop on Innovative Postharvest Management Tools and Technologies for Fruit and Vegetable Products 14-AG-05-GE-WSP-B/C ROC 11/03/14 11/07/14 08/22/14
e-Learning Course on Service Sector Innovation (Session 2) 14-IN-67-GE-TRC-B Bangladesh, Indonesia, IR Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand 09/08/14 09/11/14 08/08/14
Workshop on Quality Awards for the Public Sector 14-RP-04-GE-WSP-B Singapore 10/27/14 10/30/14 08/08/14
Workshop on Result-based Management for NPOs and Public-sector Organizations 14-RP-20-GE-WSP-B Philippines 10/07/14 10/10/14 08/08/14
Study Mission to the United Kingdom on Innovative Approaches to Risk Management in Food Supply Chains 14-AG-27-GE-SMN-A UK 10/13/14 10/18/14 07/20/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Best Practices in Promoting Innovation and Productivity in Agriculture for Mass Media Practitioners 14-AG-28-GE-OSM-B Japan 09/08/14 09/14/14 07/08/14
Workshop on Innovation in Information and Communication Technology and Productivity Growth: Sharing of Evidence from Service-sector Firms 14-IN-24-GE-WSP-A ROK 09/16/14 09/19/14 07/07/14
e-Learning Course on Service Sector Innovation (Session 1) 14-IN-67-GE-TRC-B Cambodia, Fiji, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam 07/22/14 07/25/14 06/23/14
e-Learning Course on Risk Management of Foodborne Pathogens (Session 2) 14-AG-10-GE-TRC-B Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Vietnam 06/24/14 06/27/14 06/10/14
Experience-sharing Workshop of Incubation Centers from the Asia-Pacific : Forging Partnerships for Development of Entrepreneurs and Promotion of Entrepreneurship 14-IN-23-GE-WSP-A ROC 07/14/14 07/18/14 06/06/14
e-Learning Course on Risk Management of Foodborne Pathogens (Session 1) 14-AG-10-GE-TRC-B Bangladesh, India, IR Iran, Nepal, Pakistan 05/19/14 05/22/14 05/06/14
Workshop on Promoting Partnerships to Develop Local Agriculture and the Food Industry 14-AG-02-GE-WSP-B Sri Lanka 06/16/14 06/20/14 04/30/14
Workshop on Business Excellence for Assessors 14-IN-10-GE-WSP-B Fiji 06/02/14 06/06/14 04/14/14
Workshop on Risk Management of Foodborne Pathogens 13-AG-10-GE-WSP-B Pakistan 01/20/14 01/24/14 11/25/13
Research on Performance Management for Public-sector Organizations 13-RP-04-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 07/01/13 06/30/14 07/01/13
APO National Workshop on Innovations in Irrigation Water Management for Enhancing Productivity and Achieving Sustainable Food Security 12-AG-28-GE-SEM-B-PAK (Project Impementation Plan) Pakistan 06/02/14 06/05/14 --
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Branding of Local Specific Agricultural Products through the Use of Geographic Indication 14-AG-11-GE-OSM-B APO Secretariat 11/01/14 11/30/14 --
Training Course on Lean Manufacturing Systems 14-IN-20-GE-TRC-B To be decided To be decided To be decided --

Green Productivity

Research on the Status of Green Business in the Region 14-RP-06-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 12/15/14 12/14/15 12/15/14
e-Learning Course on Green Productivity (Session 2) 14-IN-68-GE-TRC-B Bangladesh, Fiji, Indonesia, IR Iran, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan 08/18/14 08/21/14 11/06/14
Development of a Network of Green Productivity Advisory Committees (GPACs) 13-IN-56-GE-TIA-B (Project Implementation Plan) Japan 12/11/14 12/12/14 10/31/14
Workshop on Green Productivity (GP) Manual Development: Compilation of GP Case Studies 14-IN-69-GE-WSP-B Japan 12/02/14 10/01/14
3rd World Conference on Green Productivity 13-IN-80-GE-CON-A ROC 11/04/14 11/06/14 09/30/14
Asia Environment and Economic Forum 12-IN-111-SPP-CON-A Japan 12/10/14 12/12/14 09/30/14
e-Learning Course on Production and Certification of Organic Agrifood Products for Greater Market Access (Session 2) 14-AG-25-GE-TRC-B Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam 09/29/14 10/02/14 09/12/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Innovative Enterprises Implementing Energy Management System (ISO50001) 14-IN-66-GE-OSM-B Indonesia 10/06/14 10/10/14 08/25/14
e-Learning Course on Production and Certification of Organic Agrifood Products for Greater Market Access 14-AG-25-GE-TRC-B Bangladesh, India, IR Iran, Nepal, Pakistan 09/01/14 09/04/14 08/15/14
Study Mission to a Nonmember Country on Smart Grid/Community in USA 14-IN-46-GE-SMN-B USA 10/13/14 10/17/14 08/15/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Future City Initiatives 13-RP-40-SPP-OSM-B Japan 11/17/14 11/21/14 07/31/14
Forum on Mitigating Negative Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture 14-AG-16-GE-CON-A Indonesia 09/30/14 10/03/14 07/31/14
Observational Study Mission on Technology and Management of Water/Wastewater and Sewage Systems 12-IN-110-SPP-OSM-B Japan 09/01/14 09/05/14 07/04/14
Workshop on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Increasing Farm Productivity and Enhancing Environmental Sustainability 14-AG-26-GE-WSP-B Philippines 08/11/14 08/15/14 06/20/14
Workshop on Innovative Farm Management Practices to Enhance Agricultural Productivity 14-AG-04-GE-WSP-B IR Iran 09/06/14 09/10/14 06/13/14
e-Learning Course on Green Productivity (Session 1) 14-IN-68-GE-TRC-B Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam 07/07/14 07/10/14 06/13/14
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) 13-IN-83-SPP-OSM-A Japan 07/07/14 07/11/14 05/30/14
Observational Study Mission on Solar Energy 13-IN-84-SPP-OSM-B Japan 07/28/14 08/01/14 05/30/14
Training Course on Management Consultancy with Special Focus on Green Productivity 14-IN-33-GE-TRC-A Japan 06/16/14 06/27/14 05/07/14
Practice-oriented Workshop on Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency 14-IN-94-GE-WSP-B India 06/02/14 06/11/14 04/30/14
Training of Trainers and Consultants in Green Productivity 14-IN-34-GE-TRC-A Malaysia 05/26/14 06/20/14 04/11/14
Training Course on Environmental Labels and Declarations (ISO14021, 14024 and 14025) 14-IN-57-GE-TRC-B Bangladesh 04/27/14 05/01/14 03/14/14
International Conference on Achieving Sustainability to Empower Future Generations 13-IN-60-GE-CON-B ROC 03/13/14 03/15/14 01/21/14
APO National Workshop on Organic Certification 12-AG-29-GE-TRC-B/C-BGD (Project Implementation Plan) Bangladesh 06/02/14 06/05/14 --
Eco-products International Fair 2014 13-IN-54-GE-TIA-B ROC 03/13/14 03/16/14 --
Conference on Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) 14-IN-22-GE-CON-B Thailand To be decided To be decided --
Development of Eco-products Database 14-IN-55-GE-TIA-B APO Secretariat Throughout 2014 Throughout 2014 --
Development of a Network of Green Productivity Advisory Committees (GPACs) 14-IN-56-GE-TIA-B Member countries Throughout 2014 Throughout 2014 --

Individual-country Program

Development of Demonstration Companies 14-IN-04-GE-DMP-C Member countries -- -- 03/31/14
Bilateral Cooperation Between NPOs 14-IN-03-GE-BCBN-C Member countries -- -- 03/14/14
Individual-country Observational Study Missions 14-IN-01-GE-OSM-C Member countries -- -- --
Technical Expert Services (TES) 14-IN-02-GE-TES-C Member countries 01/01/14 12/31/14 --
Development of Demonstration Companies (Application of Productivity and Quality Management in the Service Industry, Mongolia) 14-IN-04-GE-DMP-C (Project Implementation Plan) Mongolia 06/01/14 -- --
Development of Demonstration Companies (Application of Knowledge Management for Improving Productivity and Quality of Services of a Public-sector Organization, Nepal) 14-IN-04-GE-DMP-C (Project Implementation Plan) Nepal 06/01/14 -- --
Development of Demonstration Companies (Application of Knowledge Management and Innovation for Community Development with Focus on the Plantation Sector, Sri Lanka) 14-IN-04-GE-DMP-C (Project Implementation Plan) Sri Lanka 05/01/14 -- --
Program Development Fund 14-RP-13-GE-RES-C APO Secretariat -- -- --
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