Annual Programs

The APO Annual Program is the lineup of multicountry and individual-country projects approved by the Governing Body to be implemented by the APO in coordination with NPOs for any given year. The projects are generated and prioritized in coordination with NPOs, and funding is provided through membership contributions and special grants. The APO also cooperates with other international organizations in implementing some of these projects.

Annual Programs

Project Title Project Code Venue Start Date End Date Nomination

National Productivity Organization

APO Accreditation and Certification Development Program: Development of the Public-sector Productivity Specialist Certification Scheme 19-IN-70-GE-RES-A-05 (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 05/01/19 11/30/19 --
International Forum on Smart Manufacturing and Launching Ceremony for the APO Center of Excellence on Smart Manufacturing (COE on SM) 18-RP-33-GE-DON-C-03 (Project Implementation Plan) ROC 08/06/19 08/08/19 06/17/19
Strengthening the Programs on the Center of Excellence on IT for Industry 4.0 (India) 18-RP-42-GE-DON-C-02 (Project Implementation Plan) India 05/01/19 04/30/20 --
Strengthening the Programs of the Center of Excellence on Green Productivity (ROC) 19-RP-09-GE-DON-C ROC 04/01/19 03/31/20 --
Program Development Fund 19-RP-01-GE-RES-C APO Secretariat 01/01/19 12/31/19 --
Strengthening the Programs of the Center of Excellence on IT for Industry 4.0 (India) 19-RP-07-GE-DON-C India 03/01/19 12/31/19 --
APO Accreditation and Certification Development Program: Development of the Accreditation Standard Operating Procedures 19-IN-70-GE-RES-A-03 (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 03/01/19 11/30/19 --
APO Accreditation and Certification Development Program:Development of the Future-readiness Award Program 19-IN-70-GE-RES-A-02 (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 04/01/19 11/30/19 --
Strategic Planning Workshop for Senior Planning Officers of NPOs 19-RP-02-GE-SPW-A Japan 07/09/19 07/11/19 05/20/19
APO Accreditation and Certification Development Program:Development of the Productivity Specialist Certification Scheme 19-IN-70-GE-RES-A-01 (Project Implementationi Plan) Member countries 04/01/19 11/30/19 --
Development of the Expert Database on IT for Industry 4.0 18-RP-42-GE-DON-C-01 (Project Implementation Plan) India 02/01/19 06/30/19 --
Workshop on Advanced Strategic Management for Enhancing Productivity 19-IN-34-GE-WSP-A Fiji 08/12/19 08/16/19 06/07/19
Development of Public-sector Productivity Specialists (APO Certified Public-sector Productivity Specialists) 19-IN-39-GE-TRC-A Thailand 07/22/19 07/26/19 05/02/19
National Conference on Developing Sustainable and Competitive Agribusiness in Cambodia 18-AG-39-GE-NFP-C-04 (Project Implementation Plan) Cambodia 03/05/19 03/07/19 --
APO Accreditation and Certification Development Program 19-IN-70-GE-RES-A APO Secretariat 01/01/19 12/31/19 --
Certified Productivity Practitioners' Course for NPOs 19-IN-31-GE-TRC-A Philippines 08/19/19 08/30/19 06/19/19
Expert Panel Meeting to Assess the Proposal for a COE on Smart Manufacturing 18-RP-33-GE-DON-C-01 (Project Implementation Plan) Japan 01/16/19 01/16/19 --
National Conference-cum-Workshop on Enhancing Good Agricultural Practices Implementation in the Mongolian Agriculture Sector 18-AG-39-GE-NFP-C-03 (Project Implementation Plan) Mongolia 01/15/19 01/17/19 --


Self-learning e-Course on Organic Inspection and Certification 19-AG-17-GE-DLN-A-02 (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 10/17/19 10/16/19 --
International Conference on Public-sector Productivity 19-RP-48-GE-CON-A Philippines 11/14/19 11/16/19 09/02/19
Self-learning e-Course on Innovative Cost-Effective Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture 19-AG-17-GE-DLN-A-03 (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 10/07/19 10/06/20 --
Workshop on Trends in the Development of Traditional Craft Villages in the Industry 4.0 Era 19-AG-24-GE-WSP-B Vietnam 10/02/19 10/04/19 08/04/19
Training of Trainers on Development of Rural Leadership for Change 19-AG-03-GE-TRC-B Sri Lanka 07/22/19 07/26/19 05/26/19
Workshop on Innovations in Agribusiness for Young Entrepreneurs 19-AG-04-GE-WSP-B ROC 07/01/19 07/05/19 05/15/19
Workshop on Innovative Rural Community Development Models 18-AG-22-GE-WSP-A Indonesia 03/18/19 03/22/19 12/14/18
Workshop on Value-added Agriculture 18-AG-44-GE-WSP-B Pakistan 11/18/19 11/22/19 01/15/19
Workshop on Developing Standards for Smart Cities 19-IN-80-GE-WSP-B ROK 03/25/19 03/29/19 02/08/19
Self-learning e-Course for the Agriculture and Food Sectors 19-AG-17-GE-DLN-A Member countries 01/01/19 12/31/19 --
Self-learning e-Course on Modem Food Storage and Transport Technologies 18-AG-23-GE-DLN-A-01 (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 04/26/19 10/25/19 --
Self-learning e-Course on Basic Data Analytics for the Public Sector 18-IN-06-GE-DLN-A-02 (Project Implementation Plan) Member countries 02/01/19 01/31/20 --


Research on Smart Agriculture Transformation for APO Member Countries 19-RP-30-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 09/01/19 04/30/20 --
Workshop on Delivering Citizen Centered Public Service and Driving Innovation 19-IN-52-GE-WSP-A Philippines 10/07/19 10/11/19 08/23/19
National Workshop on Capacity Building of Sustainable Food Value Chains for Enhanced Food Safety and Quality 18-AG-55-SPP-DON-C-1 (Project Implementation Plan) Mongolia 05/13/19 05/17/19 --
National Conference on Capacity Building of Sustainable Food Value Chains for Enhanced Food Safety and Quality 18-AG-55-SPP-DON-C-2 (Project Implementation Plan) India 08/21/19 08/22/19 --
International Conference on Smart Agriculture and Food Safety Management 18-AG-55-SPP-DON-C-3 (Project Implementation Plan) ROC 08/20/19 08/23/19 --
Workshop on Rural Community Development for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth 19-AG-28-GE-WSP-B Fiji 11/18/19 11/22/19 09/23/19
Training of Trainers on Big Data Analytics for Public-sector Productivity 19-IN-54-GE-TRC-A Thailand 11/25/19 11/29/19 09/20/19
Workshop on Measuring, Monitoring, and Evaluating Regulatory Performance for Productivity and Competitiveness 19-IN-53-GE-WSP-A Malaysia 10/07/19 10/11/19 08/01/19
Workshop on Developing a Roadmap for Industry 4.0 19-IN-11-GE-WSP-A ROC 08/19/19 08/23/19 07/05/19
Workshop on the Use of Smart Technology to Raise Productivity in the Service Sector 19-IN-45-GE-WSP-A Singapore 07/16/19 07/19/19 06/07/19
Training of Trainers on Assistance Systems for Cyberphysical Facilities 19-IN-22-GE-TRC-A ROC 08/05/19 08/09/19 06/14/19
Research on Digitization of Public Service Delivery 19-RP-13-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 09/01/19 06/30/20 07/24/19
Research on National Strategy on Developing Human Resources for the Industries of the Future 19-RP-20-GE-RES-B APO Secretariat 11/01/19 10/31/20 09/09/19
Workshop on Smart Farming Models 19-AG-10-GE-WSP-B Thailand 11/04/19 11/08/19 07/25/19
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Advanced Postharvest Handling Technologies 18-AG-56-GE/SPP-OSM-B Japan 06/10/19 06/14/19 03/29/19
Workshop on Developing Regulatory Management System (RMS) Framework to Improve Public-sector Productivity 19-IN-42-GE-WSP-B Philippines 08/05/19 08/09/19 06/05/19
Asian Food and Agribusiness Conference: Smart Food Value Chains 19-AG-06-GE-CON-A Thailand 06/11/19 06/13/19 04/15/19
Workshop on Sharing Best Practices in Transparent Governance for Productivity Growth in the Public Sector 19-IN-82-GE-WSP-B Sri Lanka TBD TBD 04/12/19
Training of Trainers on Productivity Measurement for Public-sector Organizations 19-IN-61-GE-TRC-A Philippines 06/24/19 06/28/19 04/25/19
Workshop on Accountable Governance for Productivity Growth and Competitiveness 19-IN-51-GE-WSP-A Bangladesh 04/21/19 04/25/19 02/15/19
Training of Trainers on Smart Service and Technology for the Health Sector 19-IN-41-GE-TRC-A Indonesia 04/22/19 04/26/19 02/22/19
Forum on Disruptive Technologies and Technology-driven Productivity 19-RP-25-GE-CON-B Indonesia 03/26/19 03/28/19 02/18/19
Workshop on Accelerating Agribusiness Startups 19-AG-09-GE-WSP-B Indonesia 03/11/19 03/15/19 02/08/19
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Sustainable Food Value Chains 18-AG-47-GE/SPP-OSM-A Japan 04/22/19 04/25/19 03/01/19
Workshop on Advanced Performance Management for Modem Public-sector Organizations 19-IN-71-GE-WSP-A Bangladesh 05/19/19 05/23/19 03/10/19
APO Development Workshop for Practitioners of Business Excellence 19-IN-36-GE-WSP-A Singapore 03/11/19 03/14/19 02/01/19
Workshop and Practitioners' Group Meeting on Standardization of Industrial Automation 17-IN-82-GE-WSP-A India 03/14/19 03/15/19 02/11/19
Workshop on the Internet of Things for Productivity Enhancement 19-RP-14-GE-WSP-B ROC 05/27/19 05/31/19 03/25/19

Green Productivity

Workshop on Application of Smart Organic Agriculture Models and Traceability Systems for Agricultural Products 19-AG-01-GE-WSP-A Vietnam 10/07/19 10/11/19 07/26/19
4th International Conference on Biofertilizers and Biopesticides: Integrated Pest Management 19-AG-19-GE-CON-A ROC 08/20/19 08/23/19 05/31/19
Organic Agroindustry Development Leadership Course in Asia 19-AG-16-GE-TRC-B Cambodia 09/09/19 09/13/19 06/15/19
Training of Trainers and Consultants in Green Productivity 19-IN-32-GE-TRC-A ROC 06/10/19 06/21/19 04/10/19
Training of Trainers in Material Flow Cost Accounting for SMEs 18-IN-22-GE-TRC-A Pakistan 09/02/19 09/06/19 06/20/19
Workshop on Building Climate Resilience in Agriculture 19-AG-14-GE-WSP-B Bangladesh 05/05/19 05/09/19 03/05/19

Individual-country Program

Policy Consultancy on a Productivity-driven Growth Strategy in Bangladesh 18-RP-50-SPP-RES-C-02 (Project Implementation Plan) Bangladesh 04/06/19 06/21/19 --
Development of Demonstration Companies: Transforming Chicken Litter into Value-added Commercial Product(s) in Future Farms Limited 18-IN-04-GE-DMP-C-3 (Project Implementation Plan) Fiji 01/01/19 12/31/19 --
Policy Consultancy on Innovation-driven Productivity Improvement 18-RP-50-SPP-RES-C-01 (Project Implementation Plan) Fiji 01/14/19 04/29/19 --
Individual-country Observational Study Missions 19-IN-01-GE-OSM-C Member countries 03/31/19 12/31/19 --
Bilateral Cooperation Between NPOs (BCBN) 19-IN-03-GE-BCBN-C Member countries 01/01/19 12/31/19 --
Technical Expert Services (TES) 19-IN-02-GE-TES-C Member countries 01/01/19 12/31/19 --
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