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Special Events

Preparations underway for Eco-products International Fair, Delhi
14 July 2010, India Habitat Centre, Delhi

001APO Secretary-General Shigeo Takenaka (2nd/L) explains EPIF 2011 to reporters at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi 14 July 2010. (L-R;) DIPP Joint Secretary Anjali Prasad; Takenaka; DIPP Secretary R.P. Singh; Teijin Senior Advisor Takashi Yamagishi, NPC Director General N. C. Vasudevan.   APO/Sayuri Watanabe

These days, not a day goes by when you don’t hear the term “eco-” something. Particularly in Japan, considered a global leader in energy efficiency, everything from eco-products and “eco-cars” to “eco-bags” are lauded amid calls to protect the environment – not to mention to tighten purse strings in today’s tough times.

To push forward APO efforts to further deepen people’s awareness for an eco- conscious society, the Secretariat has been active to promote eco-products for sustainable productivity.

Its major undertaking in the field is the Eco-products International Fair, or EPIF, which showcases state-of-the-art environmental technology, products, services, and activities. Government entities, businesses, private organizations, and the general public are brought together in a bid to realize sustainability that is in harmony with the environment.

Since the first EPIF was held in Malaysia in 2004, it has continued to expand in scale, and is now the largest international environmental fair in Asia. More than 90,000 visitors turned up for the 6th EPIF held in Indonesia this past March.

EPIF 2011 has now officially been announced. The fair will be held in Delhi, India 3-6 March 2011. A news conference was held in Delhi 14 July as an official curtainraiser to begin the countdown for the seventh fair of the series. Local and international media, as well as government officials, assembled at India Habitat Centre as R. P. Singh, Secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, gave welcoming remarks, stating the country’s commitment to protect the environment with the hosting of EPIF 2011.

“The EPIF 2011 would help create mass awareness about eco-products and technologies and promote the acceptance of such products in the country,” Singh told the conference. Noting the major presence of Japanese companies in Indian economic sectors, he called for further Japanese investment in his country.

“I take this opportunity to welcome more Japanese companies to India to invest in green products, services and solutions, and partner with Indian businesses to aid in our sustainable growth path,” he said.

“It’s the perfect opportunity for the APO’s Green Productivity Advisory Committee (GPAC) and the Indian business community to work together, for a better environment for the future,” GPAC Preparatory Committee Chairperson Takashi Yamagishi, also Senior Executive Advisor to Teijin Ltd, told reporters at the news conference. APO Secretary-General Shigeo Takenaka predicted that the 2011 EPIF would have a great impact on the second-largest economy among APO member countries.

Prior to the news conference, Takenaka and Yamagishi paid a courtesy call on Anand Sharma, Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Farooq Abdullah, Minister for New and Renewable Energy following the event.

“The ministers were very forthcoming and clear in expressing their commitment to the EPIF venture,” Takenaka said upon his return to the Secretariat. “The overall feeling we got in India was very good. With great expectations, we’re all looking forward to the EPIF opening in March 2011.”


News Conference Remarks

APO Secretary-General Shigeo Takenaka
Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion Secretary R. P. Singh
GPAC Preparatory Committee Chairperson Takashi Yamagishi (Senior Executive Advisor to Teijin Ltd.)