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2019/01/15Seisansei Shimbun (Japanese language)
New Year message by APO Secretary-General

Sri Lankan publisher sets energy-saving benchmarks

2018/10/08baomoi.com (Vietnamese language)
Workshop Meeting of Heads of NPOs

2018/10/02Beritasatu.com (Indonesian language)
Workshop Meeting of Heads of NPOs

2018/09/27Dantri (Vietnamese language)
APO productivity database

2018/09/13Bisnis.com (Indonesian language)
APO productivity database

2018/09/09thoibao.today (Vietnamese language)
APO demonstration project

2018/09/07thoibao.today (Vietnamese language)
Multicounty Observational Study Mission on Innovation and Competitiveness in SMEs

2018/09/05Seisansei Shimbun (Japanese language)
APO Sustainable Productivity Summit 2018

2018/09/04Fiji Sun
60 per cent of Workforce in SME Sector

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