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2017/04/09Daily Express
In Japan, a museum dedicated to Whiskey

2017/03/07Nikkan Sangyo Shimbun (Japanese language)
APO アジアで人材育成支援 現地企業の生産性向上

2017/03/02Gorkhapatra daily (Nepalese language)
Multicountry Observational Study Mission for Mass Media Practitioners on Innovation and Productivity Promotion in SMEs

2017/02/28Gorkhapatra daily (Nepalese language)
अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय जनशक्ति भित्र्याउने तयारीमा जापान

2017/02/27LA REINE PEANICH (Khmer language)
Interview with APO Research and Planning Department Director

2017/02/27New Straits Times
New gauge to measure productivity level expected in 3 years

2017/02/27Republika Online (Indonesian language)
Negara Asia Pasifik Berkomitmen Perluas Pertanian Berkelanjutan

2017/02/27Inilah.com (Indonesian language)
Kementan-APO Bahas Daya Saing Produk Pertanian

2017/02/27Pojok Satu (Indonesian language)
Kementan Jalin Kerja Sama dengan APO

2017/02/27Rakyatku.com (Indonesian language)
Kementan Gandeng APO Tingkatkan Daya Saing Produk Pertanian

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