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2017/04/22The Financial Express
Int’l productivity workshop begins in city tomorrow

2017/04/22The Bangladesh Today
5-Day Int’l workshop on productivity begins in city tomorrow

2017/04/18Nikkan Sango Shimbun (Japanese language)
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Industrial Human Resources Development for Women

2017/04/18thoibao.today (Vietname Language)
Quản lý chi phí dòng nguyên liệu MFCA góp phần phát triển công nghiệp bền vững

2017/04/13Global News Asia (Japanese Language)

2017/04/12Etemaad Newspaper (Persian Langage)
Dr. Nili’s Emphasis on using the capacities and opportunities of the Global Economy:

2017/04/12Taadol Newspaper (Persian Langage)
59th Governing Body Meeting of the APO

2017/04/12Etemaad Newspaper (Persian Langage)
The Share of Productivity in the Economic Growth: 2.8 %

2017/04/10IRNA News Agency
APO:Iran makes progress in industrial-scale productivity

2017/04/09Daily Express
In Japan, a museum dedicated to Whiskey

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