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2018/05/04The Bangladesh Post
Japan’s strategy to yield fourth industrial revolution suggested

2018/04/04Jawa Pos National Network (Indonesian language)
National Conference on Cold Chain and Logistics Management for Agrifood Products in Indonesia

2018/03/06LewatMana.com (Indonesian language)
APO Productivity Database

2018/03/05Jurnas (Indonesian language)
Advanced Agribusiness Management Course for Executives and Managers

2018/01/31EduNews.id (Indonesian language)
APO Technical Expert Service in Indonesia

2018/01/01baomoi.com (Vietnamese language)
APO demonstration project in Vietnam

2017/10/30Nouson News (Japanese language)
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Innovations in Value-Added Agriculture

2017/07/01Vietnam Sketch (Japanese language)
Eco-products International Fair 2017

2017/07/01Access (Japanese language)
Eco-products International Fair 2017

2017/06/26Nouson News (Japanese language)
Observational Study Mission from Myanmar on Innovative Rice Farming in Japan

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