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2017/03/16Governance Now
Getting ready for Industrialisation 4.0

2017/03/16Governance Now
Getting ready for Industrialisation 4.0

2017/03/14Thailand 4 (Thai language)
ฑิตพงศ์ พงษ์เภตรารัตน์ ผู้บริหารคนไทยเพียง 1 เดียวในงาน Business Excellence Award Winners Sharing Conference

2017/03/13Gorkhapatra daily (Nepalese language)
The Direction of Smart Economy

2017/03/07Nikkan Sangyo Shimbun (Japanese language)
APO アジアで人材育成支援 現地企業の生産性向上

Prof Kalia to represent India in Asian Productivity Organisation Project at Cambridge University

2017/03/03Directorate For Standards Metrology And Quality (Vietnamese language)
Khóa đào tạo tự học trực tuyến miễn phí về Nông nghiệp trong môi trường được kiểm soát

2017/03/02Gorkhapatra daily (Nepalese language)
Multicountry Observational Study Mission for Mass Media Practitioners on Innovation and Productivity Promotion in SMEs

2017/03/01Rakyat Merdeka Online (Indonesian language)
Kementan-APO Sepakat Tingkatkan Daya Saing Produk Pertanian

2017/03/01Jurnalindonesia.net (Indonesian language)
Pelatihan Agribisnis Level Asia Pasifik di Bali

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