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2017/04/26cdnews.com.tw (Chinese Language)
台灣支持印度太陽能示範計畫 清奈啟用

Asian Productivity Organization Certificate awarded to WNL Hokandara Press

2017/04/26vietq.vn (Vietnam Language)
APO đào tạo trực tuyến miễn phí về Công cụ và kỹ thuật năng suất

2017/04/25Fiji Sun
Consultants and Experts in the area of total quality management are vital

2017/04/24match.net.tw (Chinese Language)

2017/04/24baomoi.com (Vietname Language)
Sắp diễn ra Hội chợ triển lãm về sản phẩm sinh thái EPIF 2017

2017/04/24Daily Industry
45pc of total workforce in agriculture sector

2017/04/23Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha
Int’l workshop in city stresses roles of cooperatives in sustainable agri-production

2017/04/23The Financial Express
Call to improve farmers’ tech, marketing skills

2017/04/22The Financial Express
Int’l productivity workshop begins in city tomorrow

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