databook-2016-image 2016/11/30
Singapore tops productivity list, followed by Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taipei

img_3706 2016/11/29
Manila hosts APO workshop on agricultural insurance systems

dscf6005 2016/11/29
Workshop on agribusiness sustainability begins in Bogor

ovierview-photo 2016/11/28
I-GPAC workshop begins at the APO Secretariat

group-photo 2016/11/25
Fiji hosts APO productivity policy workshop

thai-delegate_4 2016/11/24
Thai delegate visits APO to understand productivity research

0-selected 2016/11/24
APO delegates brainstorm on information security management system

participants 2016/11/22
Enhancing food value chains in India

APO delegates taking a tour of the H&L Hydroponics Pt. Ltd. facility  as part of the study mission in South Australia to understand the best practices and innovations that can be replicated and applied to increase productivity and profitability of the agriculture sector in their respective countries. 2016/11/09
APO delegates to study agricultural best practices in South Australia

dsc02794 2016/11/08
APO town hall discusses new approach to productivity initiatives

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