DAP_3732_overview_cropped 2017/10/16
APO calls for redefining public-sector productivity models

groupphoto_cropped 2017/10/16
Seventeen participants joined a study mission to Germany

DAP_3915_groupphoto_cropped 2017/10/11
Foresight capability is key to Sustainable Productivity

groupphoto_cropped 2017/10/11
Fiji concludes APO course on BPR

S__5251075_edited 2017/10/06
APO concludes workshop on innovative public-sector leadership

APO participants at Hair O’Right International learning about its efforts for sustainable productivity during the site visit in Taoyuan, ROC. 2017/10/06
Corporate sustainability management is key for SME growth

Group photo. 2017/10/03
APO trains trainers in sustainable agribusiness assessment

22092499_10210177257203462_1728101935_o 2017/10/03
Cambodia hosts workshop to promote innovation in agriculture

Group Photo 2017/09/26
APO conducts conference on material flow cost accounting

Tan Sri Azman Hashim 2017/09/14
Forum on sustainable productivity begins in KL

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