overview_WSM2018_Yogyakarta 2018/10/12
APO concludes 59th WSM in Yogyakarta

WSM featured image 2018/10/02
59th WSM commences in Yogyakarta

Tugu Pal the Iconic Landmark of Yogyakarta 2018/09/27
Yogyakarta to host 59th Workshop Meeting of APO

18-IN-44-GE-OSM-A_Seoul_IND_a7_20180919_edited_feature image 2018/09/25
APO drives SMEs to adopt Fourth Industrial Revolution

APO_WSP_ProductivityMeasurement_Fiji_Sep2018 2018/09/21
APO reviews system for productivity measurement in SMEs

18-RP-49-GE-TRC-B_Bangkok_RP_DSC_6181_20180917_edited 2018/09/19
Bangkok hosts APO project on foresight management

APO OSM_Innovation_Compititiveness_ROC_group 2018/09/18
Study mission in Taipei focused on innovation in SMEs

APO_TRC_CPPC_Philippines_2018_featured image 2018/09/12
APO conducts program to prepare experts for certification

18-RP-38-GE-WSP-B_Manila_RP_DAP_4174_20180903_featured 2018/09/07
APO conducts workshop on strategic foresight

APO_WSP_global_competitiveness_ROC_2018_image 2018/09/06
APO concludes workshop on global competitiveness

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