APO_TOT_TQM_ROC (1) 2018/06/08
APO takes TQM to trainers

2nd strategic foresight_featured image 2018/06/07
APO conducts second workshop on strategic foresight

APO_data_analysis_training-featired image 2018/06/06
APO strengthens predictive analytic capabilities

summitimage_vertical 2018/06/05
APO to host first Sustainable Productivity Summit in Tokyo

Senior Minister of Ministry of Industry and Handicraft H.E. Cham Prasidh delivering a message during the inaugural session of the National Conference on Advanced FSMS in Cambodia, 17 May 2018. 2018/06/05
APO concludes program on food value chains

APO Alternate Director for Thailand and FTPI Executive Director Dr. Phanit Laosirirat delivering a messeage during inaugural session of the Workshop on Food Quality and Safety Assurance in Modern Food Production Systems in Bangkok, 28 May 2018. 2018/05/29
Bangkok workshop examines modern food safety strategies

featured image 2018/05/22
Cutting our losses

APO_GBM_inautural session_1 2018/05/16
APO concludes 60th GBM in Lao PDR

TRC_energy efficiency 2018/04/20
Building capacity for an energy-efficient world

Self-learning_energy efficiency 2018/04/19
Energy auditing gets a self-learning boost

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