Taipei hosts workshop on smart industrial applications2018/08/31

The APO program focused on helping member countries develop strategies to promote adoption of digital transformation by SMEs.

Responding to member countries’ need to understand the Fourth Industrial Revolution and initiate digital transformation to facilitate industrial upgrading, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) organized a workshop on Smart Industrial Applications in SMEs in Taipei, 20–24 August 2018, in collaboration with the China Productivity Center (CPC).

The five-day workshop was inaugurated by CPC President Pao-Cheng Chang, and 21 participants from 11 APO member countries were warmly welcomed by APO Secretariat Industry Department Program Officer Ta-Te Yang. The workshop focused on helping member countries develop strategies to promote the adoption of digital transformation by SMEs. It was structured to demonstrate practical applications that can assist SMEs in embarking on the journey toward Industry 4.0.


Typically, SMEs are hesitant to undertake Industry 4.0 upgrading due to their limited capital, little access to advanced technologies, and insufficient knowledge of the strategies involved. However, with a focus on initial steps such as basic digitization, data analysis, and connectivity of systems, starting the Industry 4.0 journey can be made simpler with commonly available tools and technologies. This workshop provided an opportunity and reference for APO members to identify suitable applications that can assist SMEs in their first steps toward Industry 4.0.

The delegates visited Henrex Corporation, a plastic molding company that started its upgrading by applying productivity techniques, deploying automation equipment, and digitizing management systems. The delegates witnessed how digitization had contributed to operational performance and how a small-sized enterprise could leverage the power of data and digitization with reasonable resource inputs.

The workshop was conducted by three APO international experts: 5G Group Managing Director Ananth Seshan of Canada; and Cosmiqo International Founder and CEO Koh Niak Wu and Integral Solutions Consulting Director Irene Boey of Singapore. Engineer Dr. Chia-Ming Jan of the Metal Industries Research and Development Center, ROC, also shared with participants the ROC’s vision, strategies, and policy support for SMEs so that they can upgrade in the era of Industry 4.0.


Photos: CPC

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