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The APO publishes a regular newsletter, the APO News. Formerly a monthly newsletter, since 2011 it has been published bimonthly to provide APO stakeholders with regular updates on APO projects, events, and other key announcements as well as new insights and ideas by thought leaders in the productivity movement.

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Articles and Commentaries

The APO News features special writers and topics in each issue. Regular feature sections are the p-Guru, p-Leader, p-Watch, and p-tools. p-Guru is written by a renowned expert on the principles and best practices of the productivity movement and their relationship to economic development and emerging issues in the field. p-Leader is penned by the head of a member economy’s NPO and is generally a description of the member’s productivity initiatives, status or progress, and future directions. p-Watch is an exposition on the latest or future trends in the productivity movement from the perspective of an expert or practitioner. p-tools presents a summary of essential principles, techniques, and methodologies on productivity prepared by an expert.

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by Dewan Zakir Hussain — Bangladesh
by Chea Sieng Hong — Cambodia
by Chang Pao-cheng — ROC
by Jone Usamate — Fiji
by Shri N.C. Vasudevan — India
by Abdul Wahab Bangkona — Indonesia
by Tsuneaki Taniguchi — Japan
by Dr. Dong Kyu Choi — Republic of Korea
by Dato’ Nik Zainiah Nik Abdul Rahman — Malaysia
by Tariq Bajwa — Pakistan
by Antonio D. Kalaw, Jr. — Philippines
by Loh Khum Yean — Singapore
by Mahinda Madihahewa — Sri Lanka
by Dr. Phanit Laosirirat — Thailand


by Kim Sbarcea
by Richard Barton
by Robert J. Osterhoff and Dr. Boondee Bunyagidj
by David Lennarz
by Michael Manson
by A. C. Hubert