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Go narrative for long-term strategy development
How can we apply scenario planning for a structured approach to visualizing and dealing with plausible organizational challenges?



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Harnessing strategic foresight in the public sector
While governments need to adopt an integrated approach to envisioning and planning, it is also imperative that they institutionalize the process at both executive and legislative levels.


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Turn on the ignition to kick-start the journey
The “execute” phase is critical for creating a workable action plan. It begins by asking “how do we drive change?” and includes reallocation of resources.


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Get ready to realize your dream
Before you formulate the strategy for an alternate path, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and build a business case for change.


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Mapping the potential road to success 
The explore phase marks the beginning of the action plans that will lead to identifying the potential pathways to winning.


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Anticipate the future for a clearer path ahead 
Strategic foresight is important for understanding how the future may unfold. Start by asking: “What future should we plan for?”


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Let’s get the APO value proposition right
Learning from insight is important for strategic planning. We can begin by asking: “Where and why does the APO create value?”




Define the present for a better future
For the strategy development approach to be effective, it is important to ask the right questions to define and reconfirm objectives and plans.

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