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Special Events

51st Workshop Meeting
19–21 October 2010, Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Phanit Laosirirat welcomes delegates to the meeting

Welcome Remarks
by Dr. Phanit  Laosirirat,
Executive Director, Thailand Productivity Institute
APO Alternate Director for Thailand

APO Secretary-General, Mr. Ryuichiro Yamazaki; Distinguished Directors; Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you very much Mr. Ryuichiro Yamazaki, APO Directors, all NPOs representatives, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you who have come to Thailand. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank APO for co-making this meeting become reality. The Ministry of Industry and FTPI are honored to host the 51st of Meeting of Heads of NPOs from today until 21st October 2010.  Bangkok is a lovely city, I hope you partake of its many delights and enjoy yourself during three days that you are with us.

From today onwards until the next two days, the delegates in this room will be discussing a broad range of issues concerning the improvement of APO’s programmes for our regional productivity development. We are confident that this meeting will provide an opportunity for us to discuss our concerning experiences and emerging needs towards our framework programmes.

Over last few years, APO has undergone improvement for its programmes to cope with global change and level of development of member countries. At the same time the quality of the delivered programmes also has enormously improved. The programmes has developed and structured in which the different activities related to productivity enhancement are integrating into the implementation.  In other words, APO has grown from particular approach to the programmes to be holistic approach ones. The increasing numbers of the programmes and the increasing quality of the programmes have resulted in the accumulated experiences and new knowledge to enable the process of initiating programme more productive. The revolution of the programmes is also the consequence of frequent sharing discussions among countries members to stimulate the dynamic process of programmes’ improvement together. APO has become a centre of discipline on productivity in its own right, which due to its multidisciplinary character, is occupying an autonomous position in the world.

As we know, globalisation has had a major impact on our socio-economy since 1990s. Throughout the history of socio-economic development, productivity has been a focal point for efforts to create wealth and improve quality of life. According to Peter, the most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st Century is similarly to increase the productivity of knowledge work. Paul Krugman also raises similar point that the concept of country’s competitiveness has in fact tracked developments in national productivity over several decades. Productivity growth accelerated in all countries as a result of the gains arising from the improving production process and use of technology. It is also widely accepted that rising productivity has contributed to our socio-economic growth. It enables an economy to specialise in promising sectors which determine development in its competitive position.

Trends in productivity may have contributed to the increase in global competition, Thailand need to adjust policy in response to this competitive situation. To move forward, Thailand can consider tackling two ways; the first reducing input, which the Ministry of Industry and FTPI have been successfully on optimising resources to make the same quantity of output; and the last increasing value of output through innovation process that can meet the needs of customers in the focusing markets. The new generation of productivity movement will require a muti-collaboration effort both internal and external ones, where all related agencies work and share experience together.

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry I extend a very warm welcome to all distinguished guests. It is indeed a pleasure to have you all here today. I am sure that we will get benefited throughout over three-day discussion.

May this meeting every success. Thank you.