The APO promotes productivity because it is one of the keys to achieving sustainable socioeconomic development.


e-Learning courses are offered by the APO in a variety of formats: videoconferencing, Web (Internet)-based platforms for live sessions, and self-learning e-courses.

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Productivity Measurement

In line with its organizational mission, since 2007 the APO has conducted productivity measurement projects that provide a comparative analysis of the productivity and economic growth of APO member economies.

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GP 2020

Green Productivity was launched in 1994 in line with the 1992 Earth Summit recommendations that both economic

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APO-Certified Productivity Practitioners Scheme

The APO in cooperation with NPOs continues efforts to build up regionwide pools of productivity practitioners through multiple modalities.

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APO and Eco-products

Since 1994, the APO has actively promoted eco-products under its Green Productivity (GP) Program.

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The goal of the APO's COE initiative is to enhance an NPO's unique strength and expertise in a specific area such as business excellence (BE),

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The APO net is a portal for qualified participants in APO projects to access materials relevant to the project.

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