APO-Certified Productivity Practitioners Scheme

The APO in cooperation with NPOs continues efforts to build up regionwide pools of productivity practitioners through multiple modalities. For the first time, an APO certification scheme is being introduced to validate the abilities of project participants based on a three-stage process. The names with professional experience of the individuals certified as practitioners under the scheme will be available on the APO website, allowing their services to be widely used by others seeking productivity consultancy throughout the region. Please contact the Secretariat or NPOs to take advantage of their expertise.


The development of certified productivity practitioners is a high-priority need for NPOs. A pilot certification scheme consisting of the three stages illustrated has been launched from 2015 to develop a pool of APO-certified basic and advanced productivity practitioners.


To develop a pool of APO-certified productivity practitioners with good knowledge of fundamental productivity concepts, principles, and tools. The certified practitioners are expected to be able to:

  • Identify, use, and explain basic productivity tools and other approaches to improve productivity;
  • Adopt an integrated productivity framework to diagnose productivity problems and develop and implement solutions; and
  • Provide training, consulting, and promotional services to NPO clients.

Pilot Certified Productivity Practitioners Scheme

Pilot Certified Productivity Practitioners Scheme

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