For Applicants and Participants

This page provides useful references for applicants for and those who have already been selected to participate in APO projects.

Applying for an APO project

APO projects are open to nationals of APO members only. Participation in an APO project is determined by NPOs. If you are interested in participating in an APO project announced in our Annual Program, please contact your NPO. Applications are only processed by NPOs. Applications sent directly to the APO will not be acknowledged.
Click here to download the APO Biodata Form (Excel format). Please send the completed form to the NPO.

Guide for Participants

If you have already been selected for an APO project, this Guide for Participants will provide introductory information and help you to maximize the benefits from the project. Download the PDF file here.


The APOnet is a portal for qualified participants in APO projects to access materials relevant to the project.
Click here to enter the APOnet.

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