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Year of Joining: 1982

APO Director: Ms. Zakia Sultana, Secretary, Ministry of Industries
APO Alternate Director: Mr. Muhammad Mesbahul Alam, Director General (Additional Secretary), National Productivity Organisation, Ministry of Industries
NPO Head: Mr. Muhammad Mesbahul Alam, Director General (Additional Secretary), National Productivity Organisation, Ministry of Industries
APO Liaison Officer: Mr. Muhammad Arifuzzaman, Senior Research Officer, National Productivity Organisation (NPO), Ministry of Industries

Contact Details

National Productivity Organisation (NPO), Ministry of Industries
Shilpa Bhaban (1st Floor), 91, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone:  880-2-7169249
Fax: 880-2-9563553 (Attn. NPO)

National Productivity Organization (NPO) 
NPO Established: 1983 

The National Productivity Organisation (NPO) of Bangladesh is a government institution. Originally the National Centre for Monitoring Labour Productivity established under the Ministry of Labour and Manpower in 1983, in 1987 it was renamed the Bangladesh Productivity Centre. In 1989, in line with the progressive new industrial policy of the government, it became the NPO under the Ministry of Industries to act as a catalyst and focal point for the promotion of productivity in the country.

The NPO has a multidimensional National Productivity Council (NPC), which is the highest-level body for productivity, to provide national productivity policy, planning, and programs. The NPC is chaired by the Minister of Industries and has 36 members representing key ministries, chambers of commerce and industry, workers’ federations, and academic bodies.


The activities of the NPO include:

  • Conducting regular training courses on productivity issues for management personnel and trade union officials.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, and discussion meetings for management and worker groups on productivity-related topics in the manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Collecting and compiling productivity-related information from primary sources through field staff and storing it in centralized databanks for dissemination.
  • Providing guidance and consultancy services to individuals and enterprises for improved productivity.
  • Conducting interfirm comparisons and business clinics for managers in public and private enterprises.
  • Encouraging and assisting enterprises with the composition, function, and operational methodology for the formation of productivity improvement cells.
  • Undertaking studies and preparing reports on labor productivity in enterprises in the jute, textile, chemical, sugar, engineering, small and cottage industry, and service sectors.
  • Producing and distributing publicity materials and undertaking productivity-awareness campaigns.
  • Maintaining linkages with professional groups and organizations, technical and vocational training institutions, and other relevant government and international agencies.

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