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Year of Joining: 1961

APO Director: Mr. Jose Miguel R. De La Rosa, Undersecretary, Corporate Affairs Group, National Economic and Development Authority
APO Alternate Director: Mr. Engelbert C. Caronan, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer, Development Academy of the Philippines
NPO Head: Mr. Engelbert C. Caronan, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer, Development Academy of the Philippines
APO Liaison Officer: Mr. Armand Tristan R. Suratos, Project Officer, Development Academy of the Philippines

Contact details

Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)
DAP Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Phone: 63-2-631-2143
Fax: 63-2-631-2126

Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)
NPO Established: 1973


The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) is a government-owned and -controlled corporation established in 1973, with the original charter created by Presidential Decree 205, amended by Presidential Decree 1061, and further amended by Executive Order 288.


  1. To foster and support the development forces at work in the nation’s economy through selective human resources development programs, research, data collection, and information services, so that optimization of wealth may be achieved in a manner congruent with the maximization of public security and welfare;
  2. To promote, carry out, and conduct scientific, interdisciplinary, policy-oriented research, education, training, consultancy, and publication in the broad fields of economics, public administration, and political and social sciences, generally involving the study, determination, interpretation, and publication of economic, political, and social facts and principles bearing upon development problems of local, national, or international significance; and
  3. To discharge a regional role in initiating and catalyzing exchanges of ideas and expertise on development activities in the region of Asia and the Pacific.

The DAP thinks and acts ahead of the curve in accelerating the transformation of people and organizations for nation building.


  1. Initiate research and strategic studies that address current issues and foresee trends to generate better policy and action;
  2. Provide consultancy, training, publications, and education that are relevant and responsive to the public and private sectors to increased productivity and excellence; and
  3. Initiate concrete programs and projects that accelerate growth, development, and security for replication, as well as assist in sustaining public and private collaboration.

Projects and Programs
The DAP’s projects and programs are conceptualized around the following thrust areas:

  1. Accountable Governance; and
  2. National Productivity and Competitiveness.

Program and project interventions in these areas may be in the form of training courses/programs, technical assistance, or research, or a combination of these.

The National Productivity Organization
As the National Productivity Organization (NPO) of the Philippines, the DAP promotes productivity principles, techniques, and best practices across all sectors of the economy, helps effect actual improvements in productivity, and develops the institutional infrastructure vital to sustained productivity enhancement.In the fulfillment of this role, the DAP provides training, policy, and action-oriented research, technical assistance/consultancy services, and publications in the following areas:

  1. Good governance (public-sector reform, corruption prevention, integrity development, electoral reform, transparency and accountability in governance, fiscal accountability, citizens’ charter);
  2. Productivity and quality (SME productivity and development, value chain productivity management, ISO-aligned quality management systems, Green Productivity, agricultural productivity, and productivity and quality improvement/management);
  3. Knowledge management (organizational development, human capital development, sharing of best practices, knowledge auditing, knowledge mapping, knowledge solutions); and
  4. Sustainable human development (social equity advancement through rural development, community development, environmental management, e-community development).

The Asian Productivity Organization DAP Secretariat (APO/DAP Secretariat) serves as the focal point for all APO-related projects and activities in support of the DAP’s mandate as the NPO. It liaises with the APO Secretariat in Tokyo, the NPOs of other APO member countries, and related international organizations.The APO/DAP Secretariat is under the Office of the President, DAP.

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