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And let there be light: an Indonesian off-grid solar PV success story

After months of working on the Asian Productivity Organization (APO)-backed off-grid solar PV training project in Indonesia, it was finally time for the first trial run. International consultants, local partners, and the demonstration company staff were standing by to witness the results of their hard work. Expectations were running high. Then, with just a click […]

Smart manufacturing to drive India’s automotive industry

A demonstration project showed how smart solutions in MSMEs yield multiple benefits while cutting costs. Introduction The Indian automotive industry, with deep linkages to multiple subsectors of the overall economy, has powerful multiplier effects. Its prominent place in the national economy made it an obvious candidate for a demonstration company project under the Asian Productivity […]

Sri Lankan publisher sets energy-saving benchmarks

APO training and NPS aid helped Wijeya Newspapers take up the energy conservation drive that curbed spending by 9.4% in a year. The chief operating officer (COO) of Wijeya Newspapers Limited (WNL), one of Sri Lanka’s leading newspaper publishers, was tasked with spearheading an energy conservation pilot project aimed at reducing the organization’s energy consumption, […]

Training is for trainers too

Somchay Soulitham shares how learning from an APO session helps her offer better consultancy to SMEs in Lao PDR.
If Somchay Soulitham were the kind of person who thrived on simply staying in her comfort zone, then she never would have applied to participate in an APO project. By her own admission, Enterprise & Development Consultants Company Limited (EDC), the private consulting company she works for in Lao PDR, was not facing any real challenges apart from a disorganized storage and filing system. But as EDC’s founder, Managing Partner, and Human Resources Manager, Somchay could not have only her own interest at heart.

Narrative of a Fijian productivity practitioner

Perseverance, and a slew of APO tools, helped Amrish Narayan to rapidly build his mark as an accomplished consultant and trainer.
It was the hunger to improve his knowledge and skills in productivity and quality tools that propelled Amrish Narayan to enroll in Asian Productivity Organization (APO) projects from 2011. At the time, he had just joined the Fiji National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC), with zero experience in consultancy and very little in training.


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