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[3-6 Aug 2009] APEAEN 4th International Conference on Agricultural Education and the Environment

3–6 August 2009, Hokkaido, Japan

In support of the activities of APO alumni bodies, we are pleased to report that an international conference will be organized by the APEAEN in collaboration with Obihiro University, Hokkaido, Japan, 3–6 August. The APEAEN, a nonstock, nonpartisan, nongovernmental, international organization, was created after the APO symposium on Agricultural Education Systems in Asia held in 1997. Since then, its membership has expanded to 200 from 21 countries comprising educators, researchers, extension workers, administrators, policymakers, development specialists, and institutions involved in education in agriculture and the environment.

“Education for Sustainable Community Development with Emphasis on Cooperation with Communities”

Venue: Obihiro University of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan.

Main Events

● Keynote Address I: “Principles and Practices for Sustainable Community Development and its Implications to Education” Dr. Jose A. Zaglul, President, Earth University, Costa Rica

● Keynote Address II: “Agricultural Extension for Community Development” Dr. Shiann-Gwo Jeang, Professor, Chung Hsing niversity, Republic of China

● Panel Discussion on: “How have we succeeded in alleviating hunger and poverty?” by 4 Community leaders

● Symposium on: “How have we worked in Education for Sustainable Development?” by 3 University Professors, Project In-charge.

● Observation Tours (one day):

● Individual Research Reports: Paper and Poster Presentation (4 Major Thematic Areas: Environment, Education, Extension and ome Improvement)

Organized by Asia-Pacific Association of Educators in Agriculture and Environment (APEAEN)

Co-organized by Obihiro University of Agriculture and Vet. Medicine, and Obihiro City Office

Supported by

● Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

● Asian Productivity Organization(APO)

● JA Hokkaido Group of Federations

● Tokachi Agricultural Cooperative Association

● Shihoro Town Office, JA Shihoro, JA Obihiro-Kawanishi

● Obihiro Citizens Association of International Friendship & Exchange

For More Information: Please click here to download the information of the conference or visit the APEAEN website at http://www.apeaen.org/web/

APEAEN is one of ten APO alumni bodies that play an important role in generating multiplier effects in national and regional productivity networks. Visit the APO Alumni site for more information on each alumni body and its activities.

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