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Agroindustries spur economic development, create jobs in rural and urban areas, increase food security, and reduce poverty. This report by Prof. Ralph D. Christy, Research Fellow Lin Fu, and their team at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell College of Business, resulted from joint research with the APO examining the institutional basis for accelerating agroindustry development, government initiatives in Asia to achieve it, and mega trends shaping the sector now and in the future.

The 2020 edition of the APO Productivity Databook aims to assist policymakers in member countries in navigating the current volatile climate while achieving sustainable growth. Recent productivity and economic performance data are analyzed, including damage inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic on Asia-Pacific economies in the first and second quarters of the year. For the third year, the publication updates forecasts of economic growth and labor productivity in the region through 2030. Productivity indicators provided in national and regional profiles are expanded for more comprehensive comparisons with reference economies, and a growth accounting framework for new APO member Turkey is included.

Compiled by an expert international panel, the APO Manual: Public-sector Productivity is structured into 11 modules addressing the diverse needs and challenges of APO members but easily adapted for economies at any development stage. The case study methodology, practical information on upgrading organizational performance through best practices, class exercises, and extensive bibliography make it ideal for training purposes and as a reference for productivity professionals seeking to improve public services for citizens.

The new second edition of the APO Knowledge Management Facilitators’ Guide (KMFG) reflects the updated APO KM Framework, ISO 30301 Knowledge Management Standard, and Industry 4.0 smart technology adoption. The five revised modules show how to navigate the transition to a digital society, manage change and knowledge, and remain agile, sustainable, and productive. The updated 42-item KM Assessment Tool in the KMFG Appendix is invaluable for KM consultants serving public- and private-sector clients in different socioeconomic settings.

After publication of the APO’s Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques (KMT&T) in 2010, information access expanded dramatically, the ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Standard was issued, and KM approaches to productivity gains evolved. The revised KMT&T reflects those changes. It explains the top 20 tools for starting KM; contains current website references, video links, and document templates; and answers FAQs on KM practices. The new edition of KMT&T shows how productivity-focused KM can benefit all types and sizes of enterprises today.


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