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The 2021 edition of the APO Productivity Databook aims at helping member governments devise timely policy responses to make economies more robust, maintain growth trajectories, and recover quickly from pandemic-related disruptions. It focuses on the quality of economic growth and productivity gains with comparisons among Asia-Pacific countries at different development stages. The analyses are based on comprehensive productivity accounts for 25 Asian economies with the USA as a reference. In addition, regional productivity accounts are developed for six economic groups. The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects are discussed in detail.

This publication is an endeavor to help APO member economies gauge their productivity readiness using a meticulously constructed and easy to use Productivity Readiness Index (PRI). The PRI encompasses four vital indices of motivation, capabilities, efficiency of markets, and stability. These indices, in turn, are derived from 17 key determinants and over 50 indicators of productivity used by various countries.

This publication is a culmination of the APO’s multipronged endeavor to measure productivity holistically. Its unique approach aggregates the productivity indices of individual input variables into a single measure of performance. It can serve as a handy tool for member countries to set policies for sustained productivity excellence and continuous improvement.

Compiled by an expert international panel, the APO Manual: Public-sector Productivity is structured into 11 modules addressing the diverse needs and challenges of APO members but easily adapted for economies at any development stage. The case study methodology, practical information on upgrading organizational performance through best practices, class exercises, and extensive bibliography make it ideal for training purposes and as a reference for productivity professionals seeking to improve public services for citizens.

The new second edition of the APO Knowledge Management Facilitators’ Guide (KMFG) reflects the updated APO KM Framework, ISO 30301 Knowledge Management Standard, and Industry 4.0 smart technology adoption. The five revised modules show how to navigate the transition to a digital society, manage change and knowledge, and remain agile, sustainable, and productive. The updated 42-item KM Assessment Tool in the KMFG Appendix is invaluable for KM consultants serving public- and private-sector clients in different socioeconomic settings.


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