APO Accreditation Body

APO Accreditation Body (APO-AB) offers accreditation services to the certification bodies operating APO Certification Schemes.



APO projects are intended to be immediately useful, and multiplier effects are created as participants disseminate new knowledge. Projects are planned in coordination with NPOs, with funding from membership contributions and special grants. The APO cooperates with other international organizations in some projects.

Smart Transformation

Spearheading sustainable transformation in five key areas: industry, agriculture, service, the public sector, and future
food. >>

Capability Development

Building the capacity of member economies, enabling them to become more productive, efficient, competitive, and future-ready. >>

Individual Program

Enabling mutual learning through bilateral cooperation, study missions, Technical Expert Services, and other initiatives. >>

APO Accreditation Body

Centers of Excellence

Sharing of country expertise, best practices, and technologies that can be adopted and replicated by NPOs and other economies. >>

Productivity Measurement

Conducting research on comparative analyses of productivity and economic growth to assist members in formulating policies and strategies. >>

Digital Learning

Providing convenient, anywhere, anytime self-learning opportunities to all on productivity, technologies, processes, and standards. >>


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2nd Asian Productivity Congress is held in Hong Kong to mark the APO’s 20th anniversary.

For the first time, APO Award was conferred to nine individuals.

Marked the completion of two decades of APO operation.
Bangladesh joins the APO.
Malaysia joins the APO.
Fiji joins the APO.
The APO Awards are renamed the APO Regional Awards, and the APO National Awards are introduced.

The first Top Management Forum was implemented in Japan.
The APO’s 25th anniversary is marked with an International Productivity Congress in
Kuala Lumpur.
The Productivity Fellowship launched.
1st Strategic Planning Committee meeting is hosted by the Secretariat.
Basic Research V on Human Resources Development in the 1990s is started.

Five individuals receive the APO National Award and two the Regional Award.
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