APO Society of Thailand

Established in 2001

07thailand_logo Objectives

  • Promote a better understanding of productivity
  • Provide networking opportunities among members and the FTPI
  • Strengthen the APO’s presence in Thailand
  • Disseminate knowledge acquired from APO projects

Organizational structure

  • Managed by the International Relations Department (APO Team), Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI)


  • 234 members (as of August 2016)
  • 5-Year membership is granted to all participants (upon completion of an APO project)


  • Free attendance at APO Society Talks
  • Discounts on applications for FTPI seminars
  • Free subscription to the APO Digest, APO Annual Program, and access to APO and FTPI information


  • Subsidy from the Ministry of Industry (the FTPI submits an annual report and project proposal for the budget)

Major activities

  • Publication of APO Program, a leaflet of APO programs throughout the year. Also available on the website.

  • Publication of the APO Digest, a yearly booklet of knowledge and experience shared from Thai participants in APO projects as well as APO activities in Thailand. Also available on the website.

  • APO Society Talks, public seminars held annually since 2003 as a platform for knowledge and experience sharing by Thai participants in APO projects.
  • APO Society Road Show, a road show jointly organized with the TQA Road Show of the Office of the Thailand Quality Award or other FTPI departments/organizations.

APO Publications

  • APO Annual Program
  • APO Digest
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APO Society Talks

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