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Annual Reports

This report is a comprehensive summary of the APO’s activities and initiatives in 2021, an historical year that saw the APO commemorate its 60th anniversary, launch Vision 2025, and revitalize its award schemes, while continuously innovating and improving programs to serve its members during the ongoing pandemic.
This report highlights the initiatives and continued efforts of APO in promoting productivity in member countries, while navigating and mitigating the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Summaries of all 2020 APO projects and activities, and the latest information on NPOs can also be found in this publication.
The publication is a comprehensive summary of APO activities in 2019 as it continued smart transformation programs to help its members navigate changes affecting the agriculture, industry, service, and public sectors.
The report highlights APO initiatives to improve productivity and continuing efforts to build firm foundations for the future-readiness of its members. It also contains the details and summaries of all 2018 activities.
The report highlights APO initiatives for improving productivity and enabling member countries to become future-ready, as well as the impact of its efforts to make the industry, agriculture, service, and public sectors smarter through capacity building for technology interventions. Summaries of all 2017 APO projects, events, and international outreach efforts are included, along with the latest information on NPOs.
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