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The APO alumni play an important role in generating multiplier effects in national and regional productivity networks. By sharing and disseminating productivity know-how and improving productivity skills and competencies in their workplaces after attending APO projects, the alumni are strategically important in broadening the productivity movement in member countries.

Currently, 10 member economies, comprising Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, I.R. Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, have APO alumni bodies. They share similar objectives, interests, and concerns that are closely related to their countries’ national productivity and competitiveness enhancement agendas. However, the structure, scope of activities, operation, and management methods of each differ.

List of Active APO Alumni Bodies

Country  Name of Alumni  Logo Year Established  Link  Major Activities 
Bangladesh  APO Society for Bangladesh  1991 



  • Conduct social activities among former APO participants for networking
  • Organize seminars, symposia, lectures, and workshops on productivity
  • Conduct Productivity awareness campaigns
Cambodia  NPCC-APO Alumni    2021 




  • Publication of NPCC & APO Programs throughout the year 
  • Publication of APO P-Talk, Seminars, APO’s Publication & Reports and NPOs’ Newsletters 
India  The APO Alumni Association of India (AAAI)    2008 



  • Organize networking activities among alumnus,  productivity professionals, APO-NPC India staff
  • Promote of APO Programs through social media
  • Organize activities that is geared to improve society at large and contribute to national development
Indonesia  Indonesia Productivity Professionals Association (IPPA)    2007  N/A
  • Promote the APO and NPO programs among members’ organizations and companies
  • Organize training, workshops and seminars
  • Recommend experts based on NPO requests
Islamic Republic of Iran  The APO Alumni Association of National Productivity Network of I.R. Iran   2021  http://www.npo.gov.ir/en  
  • Provide an interactive network to help to solve the problems of the organizations and enterprise
  • Create a productivity synergy network in the country
  • Develop consulting services, knowledge sharing and platform for interaction and cooperation of organizations


Pakistan  Productivity Association of Pakistan (PAP)    2009  http://npo.gov.pk/npo-services/productivity-association/ 
  • Offer special discounts on NPO projects or consulting services to the member
  • Form a standing committees for Productivity standards, Productivity movement and promotion and Social compliance
  • Organize membership awareness campaigns and periodic conventions
  • Nominate members for APO projects to the NPO
Philippines  APO Grantees Forum    2000 




  • Develop and maintain APO grantees’ database and directory
  • Disseminating the APO Grantees’ Forum, a news supplement to the DAP Productivity Manager newsletter
  • Produce publications and disseminate P&Q: Emerging Productivity and Quality Issue
Singapore  Singapore Productivity Association (SGPA)    1973 




  • Community Engagement 
  • Partnerships 
  • Research 
  • Team Excellence 
  • Training and Consultancy 
Sri Lanka  Productivity Association of Sri Lanka (PASL)    2008  N/A
  • Publication of APO Programs, APO leaflets, notices etc. throughout the year 
  • Sharing the learning materials of the APO scholars
Thailand  APO Society of Thailand  2001  https://www.facebook.com/APOSociety.TH/ 
  • Promote APO Program nationwide
  • Plublishthe APO Digest, a yearly booklet of knowledge and experience shared from Thai participants in APO projects as well as APO activities in Thailand
  • Organize APO Society Talks, annual seminars for knowledge and experience sharing by Thai participants in APO projects
  • Organize APO Society Road Show to create awareness of Productivity and APO activities


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