APO Productivity Readiness 2020



The APO works with resource persons and experts across Asia and the Pacific, as well as from other reference economies, to publish books on a wide range of productivity-related topics. These publications are designed to address the needs of varied sectors.


Periodical publications with updates and revised editions, including the APO Productivity Databook and quarterly emerging trends reports. >>

Annual Reports

Details and summaries of APO projects, information on NPOs, and reports on
initiatives for improving productivity and their impacts. >>

Project Reports

Collections of papers presented during programs like country reports, summaries
of deliberations, project reports, and proceedings. >>

Research and Resource Papers

These papers analyze the implications of emerging issues and potential bottlenecks impacting productivity, including recommendations for sound policy formulation for productivity and economic growth.

Outcome Documents

Advice and recommendations by teams of experts, points of discussions during APO projects, including resolutions on future actions. >>


Monthly APO e-newsletter reporting trends, expert opinions, project updates and activities, success stories, and publication announcements. >>


Briefing documents and fact sheets on the APO, its transformation initiatives and focus areas, events, and project details. >>



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