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25 Sep 2023

Transferring knowledge and technologies to farmers plays a pivotal role in continuously improving productivity, increasing yields, and enhancing overall output quality. The Agricultural Knowledge and Information [Read More]

19 Sep 2023

The Vietnam National Productivity Institute (VNPI) and APO Secretariat organized a face-to-face project on Benchmarking the Best Practices of a Successful Certification Body from Pakistan to [Read More]

19 Sep 2023

The National Productivity Secretariat (NPS) in collaboration with the APO Secretariat organized a Technical Expert Services (TES) project on Training of Trainers on Food Safety Management [Read More]

7 Sep 2023

To address the challenges encountered by its members in facilitating the digital transformation of SMEs, the China Productivity Center in collaboration with the APO Secretariat organized [Read More]

1 Sep 2023

Kalyan Ghimire, NPO Head of Nepal (L), and Batbileg Tsagaan representing NPO Head of Mongolia.

The Mongolian Productivity Organization (MPO) and the National Productivity and Economic [Read More]

31 Aug 2023

The Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), in association with the APO Secretariat, organized an individual-country observational study mission (IOSM) on Productivity-linked Wage Systems (PLWS) in Kuala Lumpur, [Read More]

31 Aug 2023

To introduce SMEs to the concept of digital productivity and how digital technologies can enhance productivity, the Korea Productivity Center along with the APO Secretariat conducted [Read More]

31 Aug 2023

In a rapidly changing business environment, innovation is a critical driver of success that transforms challenges into opportunities, creating new frontiers for growth and impact. Organizations [Read More]

31 Aug 2023

As governments are dealing with an increasing array of complex challenges, from climate change to cybersecurity, the need for innovation in the public sector has never [Read More]

30 Aug 2023

Thai delegates including APO Alternate Director and NPO Head for Thailand Suwanchai Lohawatanakul (5th R), OSMEP Director General Dr. Veerapong Malai (4th R), FTPI Board of [Read More]

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