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21 Jun 2024

Prof. Daiji Kawaguchi (2nd R) and Prof. Toshiro Nishizawa (1st R) from the GraSPP, The University of Tokyo, paid a courtesy call on APO Secretary-General Dr. [Read More]

19 Jun 2024

Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata delivering opening remarks.

The APO Secretariat held a town hall meeting on 14 June to foster open dialogue among staff members. [Read More]

17 Jun 2024

In a significant advance for the Asian Productivity Organization’s (APO’s) Accreditation and Certification Program, the Singapore National Productivity Organization Certification Body (SG NPO-CB) and FTPI Center [Read More]

13 Jun 2024

To address sustainable productivity challenges in Pakistan’s gem and jewelry sector, the National Productivity Organization (NPO) Pakistan organized a project on Productivity Promotion for the Gemstone [Read More]

13 Jun 2024

The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) organized a face-to-face training course on Gainsharing in Agribusiness Enterprises in Manila, 20–24 May. The objectives were to introduce [Read More]

12 Jun 2024

An online consultation project was implemented by a resource person from the UK with the APO Center of Excellence (COE) on IT for Industry 4.0, 15 [Read More]

12 Jun 2024

A face-to-face workshop on Need Assessment of APO Members in Public-sector Productivity was implemented 13–17 May in Manila by the Development Academy of the Philippines with [Read More]

12 Jun 2024

A face-to-face in-country Technical Expert Service project on Carbon and Water Footprint Calculation Training was implemented by the NPO Turkiye and Scientific and Technological Research Council [Read More]

10 Jun 2024

The National Productivity Council, India, hosted a face-to-face training course for Assessors for the Green Productivity Specialists Certification Program, 22–26 April in New Delhi. The course [Read More]

10 Jun 2024

The APO Vision 2025 highlights the importance of smart formation and its implications for productivity in services. Many efforts for digital transformation are being made in [Read More]

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