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22 Aug 2022

SMEs are the backbone of the economies of most APO members for the economic value they create, the workforce they absorb, and the socioeconomic equality they [Read More]

19 Aug 2022

Rural transformation is central to eliminating poverty and hunger. With approaches that include women, youth, and persons with different abilities in rural community activities, the often-overlooked [Read More]

19 Aug 2022

Global seafood production has continued to increase annually, reaching 178 million tons in 2019. While capture production has remained almost unchanged since 1990, the increase in [Read More]

17 Aug 2022

Digital technologies have been a key enabler for business transformation. The strong correlation between productivity and the adoption of digital technologies has prompted many Asian countries [Read More]

9 Aug 2022

The APO organized its second face-to-face in-country observational study mission (IOSM) after a two-year shift to the virtual modality necessitated by COVID-19-related restrictions. The IOSM on [Read More]

29 Jul 2022

Smart transformation of the public sector supported by robust innovation ecosystems in member governments is a key element of APO Vision 2025. Digital transformation has become [Read More]

28 Jul 2022

Internet of Things (IoT) applications have become the foundation for businesses to enhance productivity and upgrade to smart manufacturing. The IoT has proven highly effective in [Read More]

21 Jul 2022

Productivity Talk on 28 July 2022

This P-Talk highlights the challenges that middle-income APO members may encounter during their development process toward the higher-income ranks.


[Read More]

21 Jul 2022

Digital and automation technologies are being increasingly applied in agriculture to boost efficiency and productivity. Sensors, drones, and robots are used in various phases and types [Read More]

15 Jul 2022

Regulatory policy touches every sector of the economy and affects the day-to-day activities of businesses and citizens. For this reason, ensuring that regulatory practice is transparent, [Read More]

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