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The APO comprises the Governing Body (GB), the National Productivity Organizations (NPOs), and the Secretariat, which is headed by a Secretary-General.
The Governing Body

The GB is the supreme organ of the APO. It is composed of one government-appointed director from each member economy. The GB meets annually to review the annual report of the Secretary-General and the auditor’s financial report and decide on the budget, strategic directions, policies, and program plans.

Workshop Meeting of Heads of NPOs

Each member economy designates a national body to be its NPO. NPOs act as the APO’s planning and implementing agencies and coordinate productivity projects hosted by their governments. Each year, the APO organizes a Workshop Meeting of Heads of NPOs to evaluate the previous year’s projects, confirm the program plan for the next year, and deliberate on productivity issues and emerging needs of members.


The Secretary-General is appointed by the GB and is responsible for directing and supervising the work of the Secretariat and convening regular and special sessions of the GB. The Secretary-General is primarily responsible for preparing the biennial program plan and budget and submitting them to the GB for approval, as well as giving annual reports on the activities of the organization. Other responsibilities include submitting information and documentation relating to the agendas of the regular and special sessions of the GB and arranging for the regular and special sessions of the GB and other meetings.

APO Secretariat

The Secretariat is the executive arm of the APO and is headed by the Secretary-General. It carries out the decisions of the GB and, in close cooperation and consultation with NPOs, undertakes planning, preparation, coordination, and implementation of projects. It also collaborates with other international organizations, governments, and private institutions for the benefit of its members.

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