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Year 2023
Title APO Productivity Databook 2023
Author(s) Dr. Koji Nomura and Dr. Fukunari Kimura
Description The 16th edition of the APO Productivity Databook provides comprehensive analyses of Asia's economic growth and productivity from 1970 to 2021, with projections to 2030. Baseline indicators are provided for 31 Asian economies, including 21 APO members, 10 nonmembers, and reference economies such as Australia, France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and USA. A detailed productivity account in the APO Productivity Database (APO-PDB) is developed for 21 APO members, four nonmember Asian countries, and the USA, with detailed insights on the roles of capital and labor inputs and total factor productivity in economic growth. Authored by Dr. Koji Nomura and Dr. Fukunari Kimura, this edition introduces new methodologies in the APO-PDB 2023, including capitalization of mineral and energy resources and improved estimates of land stock and labor quality. It serves as a practical reference for policymakers and researchers on industry structures and their influence on labor productivity in Asia and beyond.
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