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Year 2022
Title APO Productivity Databook 2022
Author(s) Dr. Koji Nomura and Dr. Fukunari Kimura
Description The 2022 edition of the APO Productivity Databook aims to support APO member economies in coping with current challenges, including postpandemic revival, and contribute to their sustainable socioeconomic development through enhancing productivity. It focuses on the quality of economic and productivity growth with comparisons among APO members at different development stages. It covers Asian economic development from 1970 to 2020, with projections of economic growth and labor productivity improvement through 2030. The analyses are based on comprehensive productivity accounts drawn from the APO Productivity Database for 31 Asian economies along with the USA as a reference. In addition, regional productivity accounts for six economic groups, the APO21, Asia25, East Asia, South Asia, CLMV, and ASEAN6, are included for comparisons based on 2017 benchmark estimates of purchasing power parity published in April 2020 by the International Comparison Program. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Asia-Pacific economies are discussed in detail.
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