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Annual General Meeting of the APO Society for Bangladesh

4 April 2009, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The APO Society for Bangladesh, the country’s APO alumni association, held its 7th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the Auditorium of the Roads and Highways Department in Dhaka on 4 April 2009. This was followed by a seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Productivity Promotion. The AGM-cum-seminar was composed of inaugural, seminar, and AGM business sessions and concluded with a cultural program and dinner for social networking among APO Society members, including the President, Vice Presidents, and members of the Executive Committee.

“The Government is stepping forward to implement Vision 2021 in order to create an industrially developed Bangladesh,” remarked Minister of Industry Dilip Barua in his commemorative message to the society. Minister Barua, who attended the inaugural session as the chief guest, stressed the pivotal role of professionals working for productivity improvement in creating a more prosperous Bangladesh. Secretary of Ministry of Industries and APO Director for Bangladesh Dewan Zakir Hussain also attended the inaugural session as a special guest and said, “Unless we improve productivity the challenges of economic recession cannot be effectively overcome.” He appreciated the efforts of the society and hoped that it would have a significant impact on the promotion of productivity nationwide.

Mr. Hussain stressing the importance of productivity improvement at the inaugural session (R-L: Mr. Hussain, Dr. Islam, Minister Barua, Mr. Hossain, Mr. Chowdhury)

During the welcome address, NPO Director and Vice President of the Society Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam expressed his hope that the activities of the society would receive support and assistance of all stakeholders. President of the Society Sharif M. Afzal Hossain and the Secretary General Abdul Baqui Chowdhury, APO Liaison Officer for Bangladesh, also gave addresses in which they thanked all members for their support and encouraged them to play a more active role in spreading the productivity message. APO Secretary-General Shigeo Takenaka sent a congratulatory message to the APO Society for Bangladesh, in which he wrote, “I hope that this annual meeting will not only strengthen the bonds among society members but also serve as a venue for the development of creative ideas for the productivity movement.”

Following the inaugural session, Deputy General Manager Dr. Yeameen Akbory, SME Foundation Bangladesh and an APO alumnus, presented a key paper on CSR planning and how it can improve industrial productivity by ensuring labor rights, environmental protection, human resources management, and health and safety at work. A lively discussion of CSR practices ensued, with society members participating enthusiastically.

President of the Society Hossain (L) presenting an appreciation plaque to Minister Barua (R)

The meeting elected Managing Director Mohammad Jawaid Yahya, Advent Pharma Ltd., and NPO Research Officer Md. Musabbir, as President and Secretary-General of the APO Society for Bangladesh, respectively, for 2009–2011, and five Vice Presidents and Executive Committee members. The yearly plan of the society, including details of the next AGM in 2010, was approved. The 7th AGM was covered by local media. Please click here to see the articles.

The APO Society for Bangladesh is one of ten APO alumni bodies that play an important role in generating multiplier effects in national and regional productivity networks. Visit the APO Alumni site for more information on each alumni body and its activities.

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