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Iran Productivity Development Association (IPDA)

Established in 2005

Website: www.ipda.ir

  ● Acquire and propagate productivity knowledge and experience from APO member countries and other national and international productivity institutions
    ● Facilitate access to productivity statistics
    ● Accelerate the pace of economic development in Bangladesh through productivity and competitiveness enhancement

Organizational Structure:

   ● Official members: IPDA founders and participants in APO and NIPO courses who pay annual membership contributions of 250,000 rials (US$27)
   ● Unofficial members: Any individual or legal entities who want to join the IPDA (no membership contribution and no voting rights)

Financing: Annual membership contributions from official members

   ● Managing the IPDA Web site
   ● Supervising training courses and issuing certificates
   ● Regular meetings of board of directors
   ● Periodic conventions of members
   ● Nominating participants in APO projects
   ● Assist the NIPC in implementing projects including e-learning

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