SR Asia

After the e-learning course on Social Responsibility: ISO 26000 followed by a seminar in Taipei organized by the APO in 2011, interested participants initiated the Social Responsibility Asia Network (SR Asia) in October 2011 with the vision: “to be a networking organization that contributes to development of a sustainable Asia.” SR Asia is a voluntary collaboration among professionals and organizations in various Asian countries to promote the social responsibility concept, principles, and issues. The activities of SR Asia focus on two major themes: 1) innovation development; and 2) knowledge management. SR Asia is creating benchmarks and new standards in the SR field. It provides and shares SR solutions to shape the current business and economic agenda on sustainability and competitiveness for enhancing productivity. SR Asia is committed to contributing to Asian countries through its scientific research, SR competence, policy-level recommendations to governments, and involving all stakeholders to create a sustainable Asia. Website:
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