APO Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Productivity

62nd Session of the APO Governing Body
8 June 2020, Virtual Session

The 62nd Governing Body Meeting of the Asian Productivity Organization on 8 June 2020 reaffirmed its stance on combating the profound challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and on restoring prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region through productivity enhancement.

The APO has a great concern on the deep, widespread disruptions caused by the pandemic which permeate all spheres of human activity, including health, the economy, food security, and education, to mention only a few examples. Ultimately, the unabated situation poses immense threats to the productivity movement, economic equality, and innovation capability throughout the region.

Therefore, timely, innovative, practical solutions are necessary for workers and businesses in various industries, especially in MSMEs in the manufacturing, services, and agriculture sectors, which are the most vulnerable to these disruptions.

Toward that end, the APO is launching a Special Account to enable its members to undertake rapid recovery processes and business continuity through productivity improvement initiatives tailored to specific needs of member economies, with special attention to those sectors worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and especially MSMEs as the dominant economic entities in almost all member economies. The APO also provides assistance for early recovery and stabilization of supply system of members funded by a special cash grant from Japan.

The APO reasserts its intention to continue joining forces with its member economies and partners to achieve sustainable, inclusive, and innovation-led development in the post-COVID-19 era.

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