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APO-AB grants accreditation to MPO Certification Body

19 Dec 2022

The Asian Productivity Organization Accreditation Body (APO-AB) achieved another milestone with the accreditation of the Mongolian Productivity Organization Certification Body (MPOCB) in December 2022. The MPO is the third National Productivity Organization among APO members which demonstrated compliance with the APO-AB standards for accrediting productivity specialists.

“Developing the CB for the productivity specialists’ scheme was truly a remarkable journey for which MPOCB accreditation was a major step,” stated MPOCB Head Batbileg Tsagaan. She explained that the MPOCB envisioned becoming one of the leading CBs among APO members, with a world-class certification program to meet the needs of stakeholders and client organizations.

Batbileg Tsagaan


The application of the Productivity Specialists’ Certification scheme will expand and raise the level of MPO operations, confirming the quality and proficiency of its services and strengthening its productivity leadership in the country,” stated MPO Chairman and Executive Director Yamaaranz Erkhemmayar. “We are very proud of becoming an APO-AB-accredited CB,” he added.

With the accreditation of the MPOCB, it will be able to contribute more to Mongolia’s productivity movement as well as to national socioeconomic development.

MPO Chairman and Executive Director
Yamaaranz Erkhemmayar

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