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APO at C40 Tokyo Conference, 22−24 October 2008

24 Oct 2008

In an effort to promote the APO and its Green Productivity (GP) activities, an eco-friendly approach to achieving a sustainable productivity movement, the APO took part in the C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change held 22−24 October. It was organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change was attended by officers in charge of environmental policies in the world’s 40 largest cities, representing members of the C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group established in 2005. These 40 cities are dedicated to working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The APO displayed its Eco-products Directory 2008, brochures detailing the Eco-products International Fair (EPIF) 2009, and introductory panels on the organization at the conference venue. The directory and EPIF brochure were subjects of intense interest from the eco-friendly participants and both quickly disappeared from the display table.

The APO thanks the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the invitation to attend the conference and pledges to continue its eco-activities to promote GP within the APO membership and to the world.

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