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APO Graduates 1st Batch of Assessors for APO-certified GP Specialists

2 Sep 2021

Green Productivity (GP) Certification ProgramJakarta saw the birth of the first batch of assessors for the Green Productivity (GP) Certification Program with the completion of the training course for GP Assessors held in August 2021. This marks a major milestone in the journey of developing National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) as APO-accredited Certification Bodies (CBs).

The APO accreditation system covers three specializations: Productivity Specialists; GP Specialists; and Public-sector Productivity Specialists. Accreditation processes of seven NPOs and one national partner institution designated by an NPO are ongoing at various stages. Of these, two early starters, the MPC-CB (Malaysia) and ViPro (Vietnam), are set for review and confirmation by the APO Accreditation Body Council, both for the Productivity Specialists Program.

NPOs aspiring to become CBs must comply with multiple requirements, which include schemes; procedures; standards for competency, skills, and knowledge; and appropriate organizational structure. Assessors constitute one of the key requirements to ensure that CBs will have professionals competent to certify qualified GP specialists in a sustainable manner. Forty-four participants from 12 APO member countries joined the training course held virtually, with the NPO Indonesia serving as host.

GP Certification Program Participants 1

GP Certification Program Participants 2

APO Director for Indonesia Budi Hartawan commended the APO for actively promoting GP to enable organizations to improve productivity and quality, while concurrently preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development. He underlined the critical importance of the APO in building the institutional capability of NPOs including the required skills, knowledge, and ability to perform the role of assessors.

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