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APO leads digital transformation training to empower SMEs

1 Dec 2023

The JPC conducted a training course on Digital Manufacturing for SMEs in Tokyo, 13–17 November. It trained consultants and trainers in the steps, approaches, and methods to guide SMEs in digital transformation; apply the right digital tools in their processes; and sustain productivity. The course was attended by 18 participants from 10 APO members, including senior managers of SMEs and professionals of NPOs and SME development agencies responsible for leading digital transformation projects and providing training and consultancy in productivity enhancement to SMEs.

Digital transformation can reduce SMEs’ transaction costs, provide quicker access to information, and improve communications among staff, suppliers, and networks. It can help SMEs integrate into global markets and significantly enhance the scope of trade. As SMEs form the economic backbone of APO member economies, efforts to strengthen their digital transformation processes continue.

In the course, presentations and hands-on exercises on digital manufacturing, IoT basics, digital systems, kaizen, and related topics were provided by three resource persons, one from the ROC and two from Japan. Exercises were conducted in the use of IoT tools for acquisition of sensor data, periodic data transmission, and data visualization and abnormality alerts. A site visit to ARSOA KEIO Group Corporation was also conducted to learn about and observe IoT applications by Japanese SMEs to improve productivity.

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