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APO Quiz 2008 Winners

18 Mar 2009

APO Secretariat staff displaying prizes after quiz draw

The 2008 December issue of the APO News featured a quiz as a bit of year-end fun. The questions concerned the major APO activities reported in the APO News. Of the 70 entries, 35 had 100% correct answers (please see below for answers). To decide the prizewinners, APO Secretariat staff conducted a lucky draw. We would like to congratulate all the winners, who will receive their prizes soon. We also thank everyone who took part in the quiz and responded to our survey with suggestions for improvements and productivity messages. A sample message was: “Share the wonders of productivity through the APO,” by Dr. Vinay Kumar, India.

Winners of diary sets

  • M. Singaperumal (India)
  • Rahul Kirkire (India)
  • Rajaumbang Saragih (Indonesia)
  • Hamid Shabangiz (IR Iran)
  • Soo Chul Park (Republic of Korea)
  • Bindra Devi Shakya (Nepal)
  • Naveed Akbar (Pakistan)
  • Safdar Hussain (Pakistan)
  • Myra Atienza-Tenorio (Philippines)
  • Maribeth Delasalas Gamao (Philippines)
Winners of three APO publications

  • S. Shanmugam (India)
  • Vinay Kumar (India)
  • S. Dharmalingam (India)
  • S. Vijayendiran (India)
  • Satrio Noegroho (Indonesia)
  • Mohammad Reza Yousefipour (IR Iran)
  • Yap Yun Fung (Malaysia)
  • Jitendra Lohani (Nepal)
  • Cherryl Dela Luna Ortega (Philippines)
  • Tran Quang Chu (Vietnam)

Winners of APO T-shirts

  • Md. Khaleduzzaman (Bangladesh)
  • S. Tamilarasi (India)
  • Hardadi Lukito (Indonesia)
  • Fatemeh Mina Razi (IR Iran)
  • Amireh Nikkhah (IR Iran)
  • Seyed Reza Navabi Qamsari (IR Iran)
  • Muhammad Syed Ul Haque (Pakistan)
  • Faisal Rafique (Pakistan)
  • Gilbert Hu (Singapore)
  • P.V.V.U. Perera (Sri Lanka)

Answers to the APO News Quiz 2008
(correct answers in bold)

1. The Development of NPOs (DON) Program is being undertaken at two levels, comprised of:

a) DON Strategy and DON Practice b) DON Planning and DON Practice c) DON Strategy and DON Implementation

2. Which year was the Green Productivity Advisory Committee (GPAC) established?

a) 1997 b) 2000 c) 2003

3. How many people visited the 4th Eco-products International Fair held in Hanoi?

a) About 25,000 b) About 34,000 c) About 100,000

4. The 50th Governing Body Meeting was held in:

a) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia b) Tehran, IR Iran c) Siem Reap, Cambodia

5. What was the main theme of the 24th Top Management Forum held in Kyoto?

a) Innovative Corporate Strategy b) Knowledge Management c) Green Supply Chains

6. How many demonstration projects have been organized in enterprises since 2003?

a) 9 b) 11 c) 39

7. Currently how many member counties have APO alumni bodies?

a) 5 b) 6 c) 7

* As of 10 March 2009, eight member countries have APO alumni bodies.

8. The APO organized three in-country training courses under:

a) Bilateral Cooperation Between NPOs (BCBN) b) Development of NPOs (DON) c) Technical Exert Service (TES)

9. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are associated with:

a) Food safety b) Environmental preservation c) Agribusiness development

10. The total participants in three GDLN-based e-learning courses in 2008 are expected to number

a) 900 b) 930 c) 1,500
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