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APO Secretariat joins APO Society Talk in Thailand

22 Mar 2023

The FTPI organized an APO Society Talk in Thailand on 14 March to introduce the APO and its mission of increasing productivity in the Asia-Pacific region by helping businesses and organizations to stay abreast of current trends and expand sustainably in the future. The event offered information on the APO’s  2023 programs and gathered valuable feedback from various FTPI stakeholders. That feedback will be used to improve productivity-boosting initiatives, contributing to the design and implementation of programs to enhance national and regional productivity performance.

Dr. Jose Elvinia, Head of Multicountry Programs Division 2 of the Secretariat, was invited to give a virtual presentation on “Emerging Global Trends and Challenges for Productivity and Sustainability.” He covered the APO publication The Future is Now and the Productivity Readiness Index developed for APO members. The 50 participants attending represented government agencies, private enterprises, associations and professional bodies, and state-owned enterprises.

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