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APO sets up Accreditation Body Council

7 Dec 2018

The new body will accredit NPOs and affiliated organizations to conduct APO certification courses.

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) is standardizing capacity-building programs and training courses in member countries. This includes setting up an APO Accreditation Body that will authorize national productivity organizations (NPOs) or its affiliated organizations to certify productivity professionals following unified standards. The accreditation scheme is developed based on international standards.

At the inaugural meeting of the APO Accreditation Body Council in Tokyo, 27–28 November 2018, APO Secretary-General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn pointed out that technology-driven changes had made it imperative to relearn and reskill at a faster pace, making it difficult for member economies to catch up. Emphasizing the importance of APO Accreditation Body, he stated that a uniform, standard-based evaluation would ensure the quality and relevance of programs offered.

The Secretary-General explained that the effort included developing new certification programs focusing on future-oriented strategic management or foresight. The council will serve as the highest decision-making body and be responsible for providing advice on the policies, guidelines, and strategies for accreditation and certification.

By recognizing the competence of individuals in different fields of productivity through a structured approach following a standard process, the APO aims to cultivate a community of experts and strengthen its leadership in specific areas in member economies. The initiative recognizes that the current program structure, methodology, and scope need to be revitalized to make them more outcome oriented.

APO Accreditation Body Council members comprise: the heads and representative of the NPOs of Fiji, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan and Singapore; representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency; Executive Director of the Japan Small and Medium Enterprises Management Consultant Association; Vice President of the Japan-based National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies; Deputy Vice Chancellor, Strategy and Internalization, Stellenbosch University, South Africa;Deputy Director General, Directorate General for Training and Productivity, Ministry of Manpower, Indonesia; and President, Foundation for Industrial Development, Management System Certification Institute, Thailand. The council is chaired by the APO Secretary-General.

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