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APO TES project promotes high-performance culture adoption in Indonesia’s public sector

13 Jun 2023

A “high-performance culture” refers to a work environment that values and encourages innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement and where employees are empowered to perform at their best by holding them accountable for the results. This is increasingly seen as a key determinant of organizational adaptability, productivity, and competitive advantage in today’s dynamic environment.

Public-sector organizations face unique challenges including meeting increasing expectations of service quality and aligning their services with public demand. The adoption of a high-performance culture within these organizations can lead to enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness. However, factors such as resistance to change, lack of leadership support, poor communication, and lack of accountability may hinder its successful implementation.

To create awareness of and address challenges in fostering a high-performance culture in the public sector, a four-day face-to-face individual-country Technical Expert Services (TES) project on High-performance Culture in the Public Sector was organized by the Indonesian National Civil Service Agency, 16–19 May. The TES project was facilitated by two resource persons from France and one from India who conducted the sessions virtually. They touched on critical aspects of performance culture including performance management systems, performance information systems, organizational value, leadership, and innovation in performance management. Two hundred delegates from ASEAN member states including the Indonesian government, and the ASEAN Secretariat attended.

With the successful completion of the TES project, public-sector organizations are expected to be better equipped to incorporate a high-performance culture in their operations. This initiative is a step toward modernizing public service delivery and increasing its alignment with citizens’ demands. The strategies and insights presented during the sessions will help drive this transformation.

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